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Members of Congress from both parties told The Los Angeles Times' Janet Hook that they are less than thrilled with the Bush Administration's Congressional outreach. LINK

"This is not the first time the administration has been accused of being too arrogant to consult with Congress, too unwilling to share information — and too ham-handed at congressional relations to massage Capitol Hill's powerful egos."

"But the latest outburst of bitterness has a particularly corrosive edge. Lawmakers are being asked to support Bush's policy amid increased skepticism from their constituents about the administration's actions."

California's new governor: Marc Sandalow of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that Arnold Schwarzenegger has the theatrical part of the job down, now he needs to work on delivering results. (Of course, Mr. Sandalow is aware that Schwarzenegger has yet to take office.) LINK

Gregg Jones of the Los Angeles Times on Gray Davis' "mini-Giuliani moment:" LINK

USA Today 's Glen Sloan writes about the tourism power of the Governor-elect for Sacramento. LINK

The politics of wildfires: The San Francisco Chronicle reports some California elected officials are laying blame at the feet of the Bush Administration for not heeding earlier warnings about removing beetle infested trees. LINK

Playing judicial politics: The Washington Post 's Helen Dewar reports, "Senate Democrats yesterday blocked President Bush's selection of Charles W. Pickering Sr. for a federal appeals court after a two-year struggle that evoked conflicting interpretations of the past, present and future of race relations in Mississippi and Pickering's role in them." LINK

Politics: The New York Times has an exclusive look at the deleted passages of an "internal report that harshly criticized the Justice Department's diversity efforts" assessing the "department's record on diversity as seriously flawed, specifically in the hiring, promotion and retention of minority lawyers." LINK

Look for this to become trail fodder.

This week on "Here's the Point with Mark Halperin," David Maraniss, author of "They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967," reveals that he has done what every Note reader who has written a book longs to do — he sold the movie rights to Tom Hanks.

Tom Shales, eat your heart out.

The show airs this weekend on an ABC News radio station near you. Check local listings.

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