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Gephardt: Ken Fuson of the Des Moines Register tried to sort out Tuesday's event between the Gephardt campaign and the Dean tracker. He spoke to eyewitnesses and includes several accounts of reporters at the scene and spoke to the Gephardt aide himself. "A traveling aide to Democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt insisted Thursday that he did not use a derogatory slur in a verbal confrontation with a member of Howard Dean's campaign staff, calling the accusation "baffling and hurtful." LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Lynn Okamoto spent some time with Chrissy Gephardt yesterday as she campaigned for her dad in Iowa. Of Tuesday's event she writes, "The lesbian daughter of Democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt said Thursday night that her father would not tolerate the use of a homophobic epithet like the one a Gephardt campaign aide is accused of using this week." LINK

Slate's Chris Suellentrop writes about campaigning in Iowa with Gephardt and the sudden media attention the campaign is enjoying. "I came along to witness firsthand the evidence for something I wrote earlier this month after the Phoenix debate, that Gephardt's hard-nosed and well-organized Iowa campaign presents, at the moment, the biggest obstacle to President Dean (or, to be fairer, Democratic Nominee Dean). But I missed the media conspiracy memo that told everyone else to show up, too. LINK

From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

Chrissy Gephardt began a three-day tour in Iowa Thursday meeting with students at Drake University and Simpson College in Des Moines. While her father's campaign schedule is filled with stops at senior centers and union halls, Chrissy works at drawing in what some might call "the Dean generation," stopping at college campuses and places like the Vibe Coffee House in Cedar Falls.

As Chrissy was busy on the ground trying to lower the median age of her father's supporters, the Gephardt campaign was at it too, announcing the launch of a Web site: Students for Gephardt. The site features a blog for students to "comment on campaign activities and communicate with each other" and acts as a "grassroots primer to help students coordinate events in their school community."

Kerry: The Boston Globe 's Scott Lehigh has campaign media adviser Jim Margolis asserting that Kerry "'is very much in the game'" in both Iowa and New Hampshire, but, Lehigh writes, "Dean's sharper message, his blunt, matter-of-fact manner, and his status as non-Washingtonian have struck a more resonant chord in iconoclastic New Hampshire. So much so that some perceptive politicos wonder if Kerry, with his qualified, caveated stances and a speaking style that is ever prone to lapsing into Washington Baroque, is even capable of bouncing back." LINK

Ron Fournier of the AP looks at the same themes, with a must-read about Kerry's attempts to get good enough to win. LINK

Lieberman: Lieberman leads the Union Leader's endorsement news, over Edwards/D'Allesandro. John DiStaso reports that Lieberman has picked up the support of three McCain campaign town chairmen. One of them, Charles Burnham "said he is a Republican but intends to change his party registration today to independent and vote in the Democratic primary." The other two are already Democrats. LINK

The South Carolina Times and Democrat previews Lieberman's Monday visit to a church women's conference in Orangeburg. LINK

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