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AP's Carolyn Thompson says Lieberman "brought a message of job creation to Buffalo." "'We are bleeding manufacturing jobs and George W. Bush and his administration have this attitude that they can sit back and somehow the market will take care of it,' he told reporters." LINK

Joseph Straw of the New Haven Register reports that although the climate change bill that Lieberman co-sponsored was defeated, the senator sees it as a moral victory. LINK

From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

Following the defeat of their climate stewardship bill, Senators Lieberman and McCain held a joint presser, characterizing the loss as a step in the right direction.

When asked whether he has reconsidered Lieberman's offer to head the defense department if he becomes president, McCain replied, "As a naval grad who stood fifth from the bottom of his class, anything is possible in America." But McCain said he prefers to remain in the Senate. He went on to say that his friend would be a demanding "taskmaster" as president and boss.

Lieberman, who says he's been friends with McCain since he first came to the Senate, described their relationship as one of "increasing warmth and closeness."

Clark: As for The General's session with SEIU's Andy Stern, ABC News is told by high-level union sources:

"The meeting went well. The officers were impressed and enjoyed talking with The General on the issues that are important to SEIU's members and working families across America."

(Insert national anthem and American flag here!)

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

The Clark campaign's new senior foreign policy adviser, Jamie Rubin, is huddling with The General and his campaign to prepare for next week's foreign policy speech in South Carolina. Rubin told ABC News that he will now divide his time London and the Clark campaign in the States — 10 days on the campaign physically in Little Rock or on the road with Clark; 10 days off and back in London.

But while Rubin will never be off the campaign in full at any time (thanks to the wonders of Blackberry and conference calling), he still doesn't consider himself a full-time staffer; he's accepting the campaign position pro bono. Rubin says he got to know Clark during the "Bosnia/Kosovo issue."

Asked about The General's position on Iraq, it took Rubin about four minutes straight to get through it, telling ABC News that it's not an answer that "lends itself to quick sound bites."

ABC News has learned that beginning Monday, MTV will begin running promos featuring all nine Democratic presidential hopefuls for its joint "Rock the Vote" forum in Boston Tuesday. Clark shot his spot in New York City Wednesday morning in what we're told is an entertaining spot — described by one source that saw it as "a General Clark you may not expect."

The Wall Street Journal 's Jackie Calmes Notes that The General is kicking around the idea of forgoing matching funds.

Clark tries to convince Democrats he really is one of them, says the AP. LINK

Edwards: The Monitor and the News and Observer report on state Senator Lou D'Allesandro's endorsement of Edwards.LINK and LINK

The Concord Monitor's Daniel Barrick takes a look at the impeachment trial of President Clinton and the role each candidate played in the controversy at the time.

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