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The Washington Times reports Democrats are frustrated the Wilson story isn't winning more attention. "'I'm concerned about the lack of media attention,' said Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle … 'If it is not raised often, people will forget and we won't ever get to the bottom of this.'" LINK

Note that Ambassador Wilson will speak this afternoon on "The lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan" at the national security conference hosted by John Podesta's Center for American Progress.

The economy:

Another optimistic economic indicator: The housing market remains hot. According to the National Association of Realtors, sales of existing homes rose 3.6% to 6.69 million in September, writes the Wall Street Journal 's Greg Ip. Slightly higher mortgage rates and a downturn in new home buying are expected to slow the overall housing market by year's end.

The Federal Reserve Board is likely to leave interest rates at their low levels in order to keep the economic recovery moving forward. LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

For like the sixth day in the row, the major papers' Medicare stories are all over the lot.

Deal? No deal?

Hold ups? Over what?

The Note doesn't know.

Read 'em all, if you want, but the best one is by the Los Angeles Times' Kemper and Chen, whop report President Bush will take his Medicare drug plan to the Rose Garden on Wednesday. LINK

The Associated Press' intrepid Mr. Espo quotes a memo "from Republican pollsters to the GOP-controlled government: approve Medicare prescription drug legislation, the sooner the better. A political windfall may await." LINK

California's new governor:

The San Francisco Chronicle's Lynda Gledhill wonders if Arnold Schwarzenegger's promise for a more open government will be reflected in making public last minute additions to his schedule, such as handing out medals in the Mr. Olympia contest this past weekend in Las Vegas. LINK

California Democrats voice a wait-and-see attitude, as Schwarzenegger descends on D.C. LINK

Politics: The DNC is launching an initiative to get more Democrats online, reports Klaus Marre of the Hill. LINK

Democratic Senators clear the way for Mike Leavitt's EPA nomination "after it became apparent that 70 or more senators would vote in Mr. Leavitt's favor, more than the votes 60 needed to end debate." LINK

An effort led by Hillary Clinton, and joined by presidential candidates Edwards, Kerry, and Lieberman, to block the appointment of Bush's choice for head of the EPA, has been dropped.LINK

Senator Clinton dropped her challenge to the Leavitt confirmation after the White House promised action on environmental problems around the ruins of the World Trade Center. LINK

Politics for pretty people:

We could make the obvious joke about The Wacher and The Macker. We could talk about the $40 parking (That's no typo.). We could lament the wall-to-wall crowd that prevented us from getting to the press corner to get a better view of former President Clinton addressing the nearly 4,000-strong crowd of young Democrats last night at Dream nightclub in Washington, DC.

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