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The AP previews Clark's health care speech, in which The General will announce that if he's elected president, he would look to spend $695 billion over 10 years to ensure all American children get health insurance and expand access for coverage to adults. LINK

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Clark previewed his health care speech at a Chicago fundraiser last night attended by mainly young professionals and college students. LINK

Clark said his administration would do cost containment: "One of the problems is not only getting insurance, but how much the insurance costs, and when it is going up 12, 14, 15 or 20 percent a year, nobody can afford it ultimately. We spend $1.3 trillion in a $10.5 trillion Gross Domestic Product on health care. And 15 percent of everything we spend in America is going up, three or four or five times faster than the Gross Domestic Product."

Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes about Clark's first campaign trip to Wisconsin where he spent most of his time critiquing the Bush Administration's handling of Iraq. LINK

With the Wisconsin primary on February 17, Clark campaigned in Madison, Wisconsin, yesterday, saying that he entered the presidential race because of the Bush Administration. Natalie Mikhail of the Badger Herald Notes Clark's proposed plan of following four C's he learned during his military career to raise the standards of leadership — candor, competence, commitment and courage. LINK


From Note Special Correspondent Michael Feldman:

"Today's Campaign 2004 Pop Quiz:"

"Which newly-minted 04 campaign staffer once worked as an arc welder and was steel connector for Pittsburgh Boilermakers Union Local 154?"

"Hint: This person is now the second former Trip Director for Al Gore to become a communications director for a presidential campaign this cycle."

"Still stuck? OK, one more hint: This person and his predecessor once referred to each other, on the record, as 'a carnival worker' and 'that nasty little man.'"

"The answer comes in the form of Senator John Kerry's new Communications Director, David Morehouse. Morehouse, another veteran of Al Gore's 2000 Presidential Campaign, will fill the vacancy left by his former colleague, one-time roommate and personal nemesis, Chris Lehane."

"Lehane, who has been helping his wife find an apartment in Little Rock for the last 5 weeks (who knew that the Arkansas housing market was so competitive?!), could not be reached for comment. A source familiar with Lehane's thinking on the announcement said that he was as proud as he was perplexed … … .Good God!"

From ABC News' Kerry campaign reporter Eva Price:

"On the day the Kerry campaign announced their new Director of Communications, Senator Kerry tried to play the part of Great Communicator. Mid-day, the word came that David Morehouse, who had been servicing the Kerry campaign on a need-to basis, accepted the job left vacant by Chris Lehane last month. The planned schedule for the Senator, prior to the Morehouse news, included interviews with PBS's Charlie Rose and CNN's Aaron Brown. If your TiVo missed it, rest assured that the questions did not stray too far from foreign policy with a splash of Sunday night's debate topics stirred in."

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