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"A sampling: ('Kerry slams Dean,' Boston Globe , 9/1; 'Democratic White House Hopefuls Focus Attacks On Dean,' The Bulletin's Frontrunner, 9/2; 'Kerry launches campaign, takes aim at Bush, Dean,' Seattle Times, 9/3).

"On the endorsement front, the nod from Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, the Democratic caucus's youngest member, brought The Doctor's congressional endorsement total to an even 10 on Thursday."

"On the health front, The Governor and The General have a new thing in common: campaign trail colds. Dean is down today in Vermont, recovering a nasty cold that developed over the course of the past week and hit full force during three days of intense campaigning in Iowa."

"Dean is off Friday, but he'll call into the ABC Radio Network's "Mitch Albom" show tomorrow at 3:35 pm ET. Note that the show is based on Detroit (!).. and of course, Michigan is a key February state for the campaign's national delegate accumulation plan."

More Ambinder:

"Zephyr Teachout, an energetic wunderkind who is currently the campaign's director of Internet outreach and organizing, is wildly popular in the Dean blogosphere world. There's even a nascent movement to nominate her for vice president."

"In a new attempt to generate grassroots support, Teachout will travel to 20 states (more than 100 cities) in six weeks to chronicle the stories of what the campaign calls 'the greatest grassroots campaign presidential politics has ever seen.'"

"She'll ride aboard a converted 1978 Airstream bus with a full-time campaign videographer, who will record her blogging, canvassing, and signing up people to go to Iowa and New Hampshire to turn out voters on caucus and primary nights."

"Teachout will begin her tour on October 27 in Los Angeles and end it in mid-December in Philadelphia."

Clark: The Boston Globe 's Scot Lehigh writes that in a recent interview with General Clark he tried to get him to explain the inconsistencies on his position on Iraq. Instead, Clark's message (if possible) became more scrambled. At one point, the back-and-forth led Clark to make a phone call to Lehigh to clarify some more. LINK

General Clark's past may again trouble his present. While a managing director of the merchant banking group Stephens Inc., the investment banking company bought more than 50,000 shares of stock in Tyco International Inc. But Tyco moved its headquarters to Bermuda from Exeter, NH to avoid paying millions in federal taxes and this contradicts what Clark said he in his "Saving for America's Future" economic plan unveiled Wednesday. In the speech, he vowed to close the corporate tax loophole that allowed companies "to avoid taxes by shifting income to Bermuda." LINK

The New York Times ' Ms. Seelye on the whisper campaign now being waged by Wesley Clark. LINK

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

"General Clark went on a listening tour Thursday in New Hampshire after a relapse of laryngitis rendered him barely audible on the campaign trail. It seemed to be all anybody could talk about: "Is The General taking medicine?" "How did he re-lose his voice?" "Is the campaign frustrated that the candidate cannot speak?"

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