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"The answers to the above quiz: Clark is drinking lots of hot water with honey; he told a small group of reporters he lost his voice after speaking at a fundraiser Wednesday evening at the Sheraton hotel in New York City (but campaign staff on the road say that The General's voice was going out during interviews following his economic policy address); and as for frustrations, the traveling staff did not seem too bothered by The General's condition — they just reminded him to stop whispering."

"Clark attended the New Hampshire State Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in Manchester last night. He was the only Democratic presidential candidate to attend, although Lieberman's son attended, as did Gephardt's daughter and supporters and regional staff for Dean and Lieberman."

"Sitting at a table next to The General was Dick Swett, sans wife, Katrina. Swett wore a Lieberman sticker (Katrina is an outspoken supporter of Lieberman) but told ABC News he respected General Clark and wished his friend well in the race. Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe and Governor Jeanne Shaheen both spoke."

Lieberman: The Washington Post 's Craig Timberg writes that while, Lieberman supports D.C. voting rights, he's still on the fence about the D.C. primary. LINK

From ABC News Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

"Senator Lieberman hit Cada Vez, one of the hipper spots in the District, Thursday night to hold a reception-cum-rally in favor of D.C. voting rights. It's an issue that most Americans know little about, but one that Lieberman has championed as far back as 1979."

"Lieberman managed to weave D.C.'s lack of full representation in Congress into his standard stump speech, saying that all of America, including the District of Columbia, had been 'battered and bruised' since George W. Bush took office by virtue of the vote of five Supreme Court justices. The audience hissed and booed in agreement."

"Lieberman ran down the list of Bush's broken promises and told the audience of local leaders and residents, 'I want to be a president of the United states who finally ends this injustice!'"

"At one point during Lieberman's speech a man called out, 'We love you Joe!' And the Senator channeled Barry White, saying, "I love you back.'"

"Native Washingtonian Anise Jenkins, wearing a 'Free D.C.' baseball cap, said she was pleased Lieberman was not a latecomer to the D.C. voting rights issue. 'If someone has a long history, that makes a big difference.' But Ms. Jenkins said it was not enough to convince her to vote for Lieberman. 'My problem with Lieberman is the war,' she said. 'He's a bit too hawkish.'"

"When the speech was over, the DJ invited Senator Lieberman and all those present to sign up for karaoke. Senator Lieberman did not sign up."

Arizona Republic's Elvia Diaz reports that three Latino legislators have left Lieberman to endorse John Kerry. It's a blow to Lieberman in a state he wants to win. LINK

Joseph Straw of the Middletown Press says Lieberman's application for matching funds is no surprise. The real question is whether Dean or Kerry will opt out. Straw quotes Lieberman spokesman Adam Kovacevich saying, "If Howard Dean or John Kerry abandon the system, democracy will lose and the American people will lose." LINK

Dan Wasserman has a cartoon in the Boston Globe that the campaign might not like. LINK

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