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Edwards spotlighted his 10-year, $3.5 billion plan to improve the nation's nursing home and senior long-term care systems while campaigning in Des Moines. LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont watched Edwards' health care stumping in Iowa. LINK

Gephardt: From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

"Congressman Gephardt picked up another union endorsement Thursday, getting the nod from the New Mexico Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO, a local building trades union. This makes three early-state building trades under his tool belt; Missouri and New Hampshire building trade unions endorsed earlier this year."

"ABC News also has a sneak peek at another Gephardt endorsement to be announced later today. The International Longshoreman's Association AFL-CIO, is set to be Gephardt's 20th international union endorsement today. According to its Web site, the ILA is the largest union of maritime workers in North America, representing upwards of 65,000 longshoremen on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, Great Lakes, major U.S. rivers, Puerto Rico and Eastern Canada."

Kucinich: The AP compares Kucinich to a preacher in their write-up of his rolled-up-shirtsleeves approach to the SEIU: LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

"In his first time actively campaigning in Florida, Congressman Kucinich spoke to the Service Employees International Union about some of his, and his audience's, favorite issues: corporate greed, immigration and health care. He wasted no time in bashing Wal-Mart for its run-in with the law while speaking about immigrants' rights, saying, 'Rather than rounding up 300 sub-contracted cleaning workers, we oughtta round up 300 of Wal-Mart's executives and put THEM in jail!'"

"Actor Danny Glover, active in the Immigrant Workers' Freedom Ride effort, was also on hand. Although he didn't know Kucinich would be speaking, when asked by ABC News if he would consider endorsing Kucinich he said, 'Yes, I would. I've always though Kucinich represents the voice within the Democratic party which speaks for workers … it was refreshing to see him here.' Is a formal endorsement in the works? Glover said he hadn't endorsed anyone else yet but hadn't heard them all speak yet."

"Despite a 5:30 am departure time Friday, the baseball nut Congressman scored last-minute World Series tickets for himself and deputy campaign manager (and constant companion) Paul Costanzo, an opportunity he felt was not to be passed up no matter how early the wake-up call. Arriving as the sixth inning started, Kucinich started to tell his staff who he was rooting for when he stopped himself and said, 'Is Melinda in the car?' Realizing I was indeed and ever the politician, he would only say this: 'I have friends who are Yankees fans, I have friends who are Marlins fans, and I agree with my friends.'"

Students applaud Kucinich's liberal views and anti-war stance in New Hampshire, reports Ed Pilolla of the Monitor. LINK

The Harvard Crimson's Daniel Hemel reports that Kucinich has chosen to freakin' boycott "Hardball." LINK

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