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"On Saturday Edwards held a town hall meeting in Orlando, Florida. The AP's Mike Branom reported that Edwards received solid applause when he told an 80-plus crowd, 'Because the president has no plan, because the president has not gotten our allies in, I was not willing to put the stamp of approval on what he's doing.'"

"Branom also reports that Edwards said he will increase his focus on Florida now that Graham is gone and to that end he said he would participate in the straw poll the Florida Democratic Party intends to hold in December." LINK


It's tough to uncover new and interesting information about a man who has been in office for 27 years and has been married to the same woman for a decade longer than that. But Brian Mooney does just that in Sunday's Boston Globe . LINK

The Des Moines Register 's article on the Saturday night Teamsters rally in Cedar Rapids focuses on one of many aspects of the speech the Gephardt campaign billed as his "vision for a new trade policy." LINK


Senate colleagues urged Graham to remain for a fourth term, reports Frank Davies of the Miami Herald LINK

Despite an early withdrawal after a lackluster campaign, some still tout Graham as a potential VP candidate. LINK


From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

"This weekend Kucinich entered the tiny club of presidential candidates who've ever campaigned in Hawaii, catching a flight to Maui after joining the picket line of Ralph's supermarket workers who were locked out in Venice, California, Saturday. After addressing about 1,000 people at the United Fillipino Community Council meeting, Kucinich attended a benefit concert for the Montessori school by Kucinich endorser and part-time Maui resident Willie Nelson, whose children attended the school."

"After a Sunday morning town hall at the Maui Community College, Kucinich attended a fundraiser luncheon at the Maui Tropical Plantation, which raised an estimated $10,000."


First Charles Halloran joins the Sharpton campaign, and then Roger Stone shows up at his birthday fundraising bash. How long before we see Tom Golisano stumping for the Reverend in New Hampshire? The New York Post 's Fred Dicker peeks at the Sharpton/Golisano alliance. LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Lynn Okamoto profiled Sharpton on Sunday. LINK

From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

"The turnout Sunday at the University of Virginia was huge for Reverend Sharpton — about 1,000 people — and it marked the first time that he has spoken to a virtually all-white group of college students. The tone and the talk were quite obviously adapted for this group. Gone were the criticism of hip-hop music and the tone of urgency to continue the civil rights struggle that Sharpton always includes when addressing students at historically black colleges. Instead, Sharpton focused on policy, Bush-bashing and getting out the vote, to resounding applause. When one student asked him about Tawana Brawley he busted out a new line."

"'They accused me of standing up for a woman. So, maybe if I had fondled a woman they would've made me governor of California.'"

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Saturday ran an article on Sharpton — half profile, half campaign woes. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The Boston Globe 's Wayne Washington asks why the president is unwilling to admit that the campaign season has begun.

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