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Senator Lieberman will go to a pre-debate rally at a downtown Starbucks in Phoenix today. He will also go to a debate watch party after the debate.

Senator Edwards is in Iowa this morning wrapping up a three-day swing of the "Real Solutions Tour." He has breakfast with Mahaska County Democrats, attends a meeting with Marion County Democrats, and attends a house party at the home of State Representative Mark Davitt. He then heads to Phoenix for tonight's debate.

Congressman Kucinich will attend a post-debate party.

Reverend Sharpton will speak at the Brophy College Preparatory Academy and address the Arizona Bureau of Black Leadership in Phoenix today. He will also have dinner with prospective donors after the debate. He won't miss the debate this time.

Congressman Gephardt and Ambassador Moseley Braun have no other announced public events besides the debate.

The Note's allusion yesterday to one Todd Harris' bachelor party generated so much response that it took hours to settle down the Googling monkeys. For those of you who asked us when? what? what did you miss?, we bring you this missive from Mr. Harris himself:

"A lot has been promised me over the past few weeks, in exchange for an interview with Arnold. But big kudos to ABC News and the folks at The Note for going the extra mile and actually arranging a marriage. Whoever she is, I look forward to meeting her. But until then, I remain single … and all those kinds of things."

So, any "mention" we made of Todd's bachelor party yesterday was purely hypothetical — or, at least, premature, and Mr. Harris remains both very available and by any standard an amazing catch.

DNC debate:

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and the Arizona Democratic Party host tonight's debate in Phoenix. All nine candidates are scheduled to attend, and this will be the first get together since Senator Graham became the first declared candidate to drop out.

Unlike the previous debate in New York City that focused on the economy, this debate has no stated central focus. CNN's Judy Woodruff will moderate, and her CNN colleagues Candy Crowley and Jeff Greenfield also will sit on the panel.

As for the format, your guess is as good as ours on what the final version will be — apparently the DNC, CNN, and the campaigns had a lot of really constructive conversations about that.

The last we heard was that the first part will consist of "modules" where the panel will ask one question to one candidate and then Woodruff will follow up with other candidates at her discretion. The second part will consist of a series of small town hall meeting-style groups where each candidate will take questions from pre-screened members of the audience.

The AP curtain raises tonight's showdown in Phoenix. Thursday's debate "will not be confined to a specific theme" but the candidates are expected to discuss issues with a "distinctively Western flavor, including immigration reform and forest health." LINK

California recall:

In our West Coast blur, we failed to point out yesterday what a disastrous event the recall was for Terry McAuliffe's Democrat Party (We are self-consciously dropping the '-ic" to punish them … .).

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