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It's black, it's white, it's red all over. The Washington Post 's Paul Farhi opens his profile of the Kerry campaign with a fight between opposite factions over The Nomination Speech. LINK

We just had to quote the whole nut graph:

"The tale of the two speeches says much about the internal dynamics of Kerry's run for the nomination. Kerry is surrounded by an all-star team of political professionals, including Jordan and Shrum, a top consultant to Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign. But it's also a campaign of uneasy factions and overlapping assignments. Kerry, for example, is advised by two pollsters, two media and advertising experts, and two speechwriting consultants. He also has two inner circles: one composed of hired hands in Washington; the other of old friends, family members and longtime loyalists in Boston."

Welcome to the beat, Mr. Farhi, and good job, but … .

You will quickly learn what Ed Walsh already knows: that Maralee is a stickler for facts and nuance.

Insomuch as that is true, you probably want to know that:

1. Some people, at least, deployed the phrase "The Shrum Primary" with a hint of irony.

2. The DSCC does more than raise money (although we can see how you got that impression).

3. The proper response when a campaign official tells you his or her candidate has gotten "tighter" on the stump is to laugh — not to put it in the paper.

4. For true insiders, the punch line to the Noah's Ark joke is "and ONE spouse."

5. To the knowledge of us, your polling partners, there is no such thing as a "CNN-ABC News poll."

6. John Kerry has no legislative record.

And Note to the (now-fixed) photo of Jim Jordan on the site with a caption only referencing Chris Lehane had the Googling monkeys thinking they were hallucinating.

The Boston Globe 's Tatsha Robertson reports that three documentaries about Senator Kerry are in the works. LINK

" … the documentary filmmaker George Butler, a close friend of Kerry, is making a film about the Democratic presidential campaign."

Yes, this would be the same George Butler of "Pumping Iron" and infamous Schwarzenegger book proposal fame — another Kerry timebomb waiting to explode (and we won't even broach the Brinkley issue — yet … .)

The Tri-Valley Herald reports from San Francisco that Kerry "lit a fire under 1,000 firefighters Wednesday by daring President Bush to live up to promises he made after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks." LINK

Kerry also rallied Tucson firefighters. LINK

Kerry accused Dean of liking the Yankees again — and this time he wants to put some chowder on the line. LINK


The Washington Post 's VandeHei with an Iowa dateline on The General's "unorthodox" effort to position himself as El Candidato Nacional. Key words here: Oklahoma and New Mexico, Florida and February. LINK

Diamond Jim shows a bit more credulity here than we normally see from him.

The Concord Monitor takes a whack at The General's Granite State efforts. LINK

"Wesley Clark left New Hampshire last month in a blur of standing ovations and good press."

"Since that trip, Clark's efforts here haven't maintained that momentum. His advisers have yet to hire a state director or open a campaign headquarters. He hasn't delivered the kinds of policy specifics he said would be out by now. And some campaign staffers complain of a rift between national and local supporters."

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