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"Graham said he was proud of his campaign, but he also admitted having trouble communicating his message. He closed by saying, 'This has not been the happiest period of my life. But I will have a different attitude, be a different person, and I'll be ready to start the next chapter in my life after this wonderful evening with you.'"

"The fundraiser brought in about $50,000 for the campaign. Graham said that the money raised would be used to pay outstanding expenses, and that he wasn't so sure that there would be enough resources left over to wrap it up."


For the day after The Historic Recall, that guy Wes Clark is sure getting a lot of coverage.

First, the news: -- Donnie Fowler is out, Eli Segal and Jamal Simmons come in for Team Clark.

From ABC News' Clark reporter Deb Apton:

"The Clark '04 Campaign blog wrote this evening of Fowler's departure: 'Please use this thread to discuss the resignation of our campaign manager, Donnie Fowler. The press will obviously spin this as negative, but in reality it's just a natural growing pain of any fledgling campaign. Things like this happen in every political campaign as organization is put into place and processes are established. Donnie was a great guy to work for and we will miss him. What he has accomplished in the past three weeks will not go for naught.'"

And looking ahead, Apton reports:

"Foreshadowing a future with the Clark campaign, Lara Bergthold is along for the campaign trips this week that began in Little Rock Sunday evening and will end in San Francisco (where another big fundraiser will be held) on Friday. Bergthold, a former DNC fundraiser who now works as a political adviser to Norman Lear, most recently helped Lear set-up an LA fundraiser for Clark held last week."

Lots of stories on this shake-up: LINK

(Complete with a Note that Ron Klain and one Joel Johnson will prep The General for Thursday's debate.)



And in the papers:

The Washington Post's Jim VandeHei notes that General Clark's paid appearances may have violated FEC laws by talking about presidential campaign topics in the course of his speeches. The paid appearances could "amount to 'illegal contributions.'" LINK

Amazingly, there is no reaction from the campaign in this story.

In his interview with the New York Times, John McCain offers Clark this free advice:

"'People will come and listen to you on the basis of what you've done for the country,' Mr. McCain said, twirling a pen in his left hand as he spoke. 'But they only will vote for you on the basis of what they believe you will do for the country.'" LINK

A Des Moines Register editorial urges The General to build it AND come: LINK

And in Jules Witcover's Baltimore Sun piece, one Ms. Kathy Sullivan has words that won't be welcome in Burlington: LINK

"Kathy Sullivan, the current state party chair, says she thinks Mr. Clark's entry 'has kind of stopped the Dean momentum' in New Hampshire. 'There were signs of Dean pulling away here, and I think Clark had something to do with that. You know New Hampshire,' she says, 'we've got to see them [the candidates] three or four times.'"

And more than one paper says Clark's up now that Graham's out:

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