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The Wall Street Journal 's Jackie Calmes reports that most people don't expect that the Schwarzenegger stories about women will affect votes. Haven't seen a Kam Kuwata quote in a while:

"Democratic consultant Kam Kuwata, who has no role in the recall campaign, agreed: 'That's already out there. If you're offended by this, I think you were offended already.'"

And Calmes throws this in for good measure:

"Professionals in both parties have privately expressed wonder that Mr. Schwarzenegger hasn't faced questions for his hiring of media strategist Don Sipple, who was dropped from President Bush's 2000 campaign team amid reports of spousal abuse in his divorce."

ABC News' Linda Douglass reports: "ABC News obtained a copy of a new ad that will hit the airwaves tomorrow, paid for by the liberal web organization Moveon.Org. A spokesman for the group would not say how big the buy is but said it will get 'big play.' Below is an excerpt from the ad." The ad will be unveiled at a press conference this morning where two women who claim to have been groped by Arnold will be present.

"If you're a woman, or your mother is a woman, or your wife, or your sister, or your daughter, or there's a woman where you work … you cannot vote for this man … because Arnold Schwarzenegger has a serious problem with women."

The Washington Post 's Rene Sanchez and William Booth on Schwarzenegger's mea culpa: LINK

USA Today 's Jill Lawrence examines the timing of the Los Angeles Times' story. LINK

The New York Post 's Deborah Orin writes that Schwarzenegger did yesterday "what lots of analysts say Bill Clinton should have done about Monica — he 'fessed up fast."

All Walter Shaprio wanted was a real election. LINK

It won't be pretty, the New York Times ' Broder writes of the transition that might be if the recall wins the day. Note: The Times says Sean Walsh says "there has been no formal transition planning." LINK

A victory for Schwarzenegger as a judge refuses to block him from using $4 million in loans for his campaign. LINK

California recall, the Democrat:

Taking a page out of the Republican playbook with McClintock, some Democrats are urging Cruz Bustamante to abandon his bid in an effort to help the governor. LINK

The Los Angeles Times explores perceptions of Cruz Bustamante. Is he both condescending and flat-footed? LINK

California recall, the vote count:

It could take up to 39 days post election day for all the votes to be counted and the results to be certified therefore allowing for some period of transition if Governor Davis is recalled from office. LINK

Political activists are planning to scrutinize punch-card ballot results in California's recall election, raising the likelihood of a re-count if the outcome is close. LINK

Politics: Ads featuring former Senators Sam Nunn and Warren Rudman urging politicians to keep nuclear, biological and chemical weapons out of the hands of terrorists began airing Thursday in Iowa and New Hampshire, the AP reports. LINK

The New Orleans Times-Picayune gets everybody ready for tomorrow's gubernatorial open primary in Louisiana. LINK

Missouri Republican Senator Kit Bond on Thursday fired his communications director, Ernie Blazar, for "running a political Web site named for the tail number of a plane that crashed in 2000, killing the state's Democratic governor," the AP's Libby Quaid reports. LINK

Per the AP, former UN Ambassador Andrew Young announced Friday that he will not run for the Georgia Senate seat being vacated by Zell Miller. LINK

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