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"Senator Bob Graham canceled a fund-raising event and met with strategists Thursday to discuss his flagging campaign, but a spokesman said the Florida Democrat would remain in the 2004 race for the White House."

The Washington Post explores reports that Graham's deciding whether or not to focus on Iowa or throw his energy toward the South: LINK

More from ABC News' Tarana Harris:

"Lights were out at the Graham for President headquarters last night after a day of conflicting reports on the status of Graham's campaign."

"Late yesterday, campaign communications director Mo Elleithee, suffering from laryngitis, said no press conference is planned. "

"Graham's daughter, Gwen, said, 'There have been meetings to decide the direction of the campaign.' She has been heavily involved with Graham's efforts in Iowa, but said she doesn't have concrete plans to return there."

"The flurry of speculation began when Graham's spokesman, Jamal Simmons, announced he was resigning. Simmons said that he's removed himself from campaign operations in recent days because he knew this was coming. 'Just as Senator Graham will choose the best direction for his campaign, I will choose what's best for my life,' he said. Simmons said Graham understands this and that they are parting on good terms."

"ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton has learned that Wesley Clark's campaign will make a move to hire Simmons."

"Graham didn't attend a scheduled fundraiser in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. The campaign says Graham will attend a fundraiser tonight in West Palm Beach."

"On Tuesday Graham insisted his campaign was going forward. After his speech at an event at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables he left the microphone, but then returned as if on second thought to say, 'On to victory.'"

The AP's Coralie Carlson Notes that Graham's "tone" on Thursday "was a change from the optimism he has been showing." LINK reports that Graham has been missing in action in the Granite State since August 19. LINK

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary: The Boston Globe has a brief on the meeting at the Wardman today. LINK

The Boston Phoenix's Adam Reilly writes about a new documentary in which a 53-year-old New Hampshire man with a "history of psychiatric problems" meets all of the Democratic candidates for president. LINK

David Lightman of the Hartford Courant found something interesting and rare in Congress the other day: presidential candidates. LINK

Al Sharpton and Carol Moseley Braun will be the only Democratic presidential candidates attending the South Carolina NAACP's annual convention on October 10, the day after all 10 will be in Phoenix for a debate. Naturally, the NAACP's not happy about the absences, saying they give a clear message, "of a campaign's lack of interest in their concerns." LINK

The AP writes up the Democratic nomination calendar. LINK

House of Labor

The Wall Street Journal 's Jackie Calmes reports Wes Clark is busting in on the other nine's push for union backing.

We'd Note that we've learned Clark and SEIU Chieftain Andy Stern spoke by phone this week and that Clark and AFSCME's McEntee sat down together not far from the Caribou Coffee on 17th & L.

Stern pressed Clark to talk to his local SEIU'ers and come up with a health care plan soon.

In the world of The Three Digits That Make Dems Happy:

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