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"ABC News has also learned that the General also met with Senator John Breaux (D-La.) Tuesday, one of a few Senators on the Hill to meet with him. Breaux did not endorse, but he said General Clark is someone who 'would do well in our part of the country.'"


The New York Times chronicles the high impact of Dean's low-dollar donors.

(We particularly love the reference to ramen noodles … and trust that by now the junior Senator from New York has been briefed on this culinary wonder. The Washington Post 's Jim VandeHei writes that some of Dean's "words are coming back to haunt him on the campaign trail" and "are becoming an unwelcome distraction for his campaign." LINK

Quoteth Peter Wallsten of Jeb Bush as he went on the offensive against Howard Dean:

"The Florida governor chided Dean for having led a tiny state 'half the size of Miami-Dade County,' labeling him a candidate for 'hot, angry people that aren't rational.'"

"'The hot, angry people that aren't rational and are screaming and hollering, they may be drawn toward the Dean candidacy because he's focused his campaign on trying to connect with that anger, which is a small part of the population of our country.''' LINK

Sounds suspiciously like Jim Jordan to our ears.

The Boston Globe 's Sarah Schweitzer reports that Judicial Watch has requested Dean's records as governor. LINK

The Wall Street Journal editorial board congratulates Dr. Dean on discovering "Mediscare," yet warns that his backing away from his record on Medicare won't help him.

"The Gephardt-Kerry attack offered Dr. Dean the perfect opportunity to establish himself as a genuine outsider when it comes to the 'rules' of Washington debate. He might also have shown he isn't a paint-by-numbers liberal. By grasping instead for the Mediscare Democratic party line, the good doctor is missing a chance to lead."

ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

"Some Notes from the trail:"

"Jay Carson, currently a press aide to Senator Tom Daschle, will join the Dean campaign next week as a national spokesman."

"CBS's Dan Rather will interview Dean this morning for a planned "60 Minutes 2" take-out on the campaign."

"Dean appeared briefly last night a Burlington, Vermont, MeetUp, where participants were encouraged to write letters to Al Gore, Bill Bradley, Jesse Jackson and other political notables asking them to endorse Dean."

"'Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana … is raising the 'grade' it is giving to Howard Dean in its voter guide, based on what it describes as his recent 'positive statements' about medical marijuana,'" the Forward reports. LINK


The Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson was at last night's forum at St. Anselm's, where "Gephardt's top adviser in New Hampshire, lobbyist Jim Demers, set an exceptionally high bar for his own candidate." LINK

"'The fact is that Dick Gephardt has to win Iowa if he's going to go on,' Demers said near the end of the hourlong discussion … "

The Wall Street Journal 's editorial board digs deep into the drama over who will get the AFL-CIO endorsement, tick-tocking why labor hasn't yet come through for "its old and true friend, Dick Gephardt."

ATU endorsement? Check. LINK

From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

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