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"The Amalgamated Transit Union announced Wednesday that it would endorse Gephardt. General counsel Robert Molofsky said the union's executive board, which consists of 21 members (18 internal vice presidents and three executive officers) voted unanimously to give the nod to Gephardt on Monday morning before the AFL-CIO decided not to endorse a candidate this month."

"Molofsky said the ATU decision to postpone the announcement was not strategic, but rather logistical; the group is holding its semi-annual general executive board meeting in Palm Springs, California, this week."

"ATU board members were surprised to learn that the AFL-CIO was not going to endorse Gephardt, Molofsky said, and they were disappointed that the October 15 meeting is not going to happen. He said he is still optimistic that Gephardt could get the two-thirds needed for an endorsement and is sure that more individual unions will back Gephardt. He called Gephardt a good friend to transportation for decades and said the Congressman has helped move important legislation for the industry through Congress."


Lieberman met yesterday with Nassau Democratic leaders to shore up his base of support in New York. LINK

"Lieberman said Clark … needs to clarify his position on a number of issues, including the war with Iraq, for which Clark has been criticized for wavering."

Lieberman is leading the pack in Ohio. LINK

"Laura Bischoff of Cox News Service reports that Senator Lieberman leads the Democratic candidates in Ohio according to a new poll." LINK

"But the latest New York poll shows Lieberman losing his lead in that state. Newsday has this write-up of Lieberman's visit to Long Island yesterday." LINK

"Sarah Marberg of the Yale Daily News says Lieberman staffers were at the senator's alma mater last night trying to 'drum up support.'" LINK


From ABC News' Graham campaign reporter Tarana Harris:

"Last night about 200 people attended a $1,000-per plate dinner for Senator Graham at the lavish Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. The event, which the campaign says is the biggest yet, comes at the end of what Graham called his most successful fundraising month."

"Graham reminded the crowd that Florida is a crucial part of his strategy for winning the nomination, 'Of all the candidates in the Democratic primary, I'm the candidate who will bring the greatest potential of carrying this state.'"

"Supporters were aware of the second prong to Graham's strategy: a good performance in Iowa that will enable him to hang on until primaries in the sunbelt states. Graham's pastor, Jeffrey Frantz who opened the dinner with a prayer for Graham and his staff, said: 'We're hoping his showing in the polls is going to improve, and we're hoping that things will start picking up in Iowa.'"

"The campaign will not say how much Graham raised in the third quarter."


Stuart Rothenberg of Roll Call discusses just why John Edwards hasn't caught on: LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

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