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Governor Dean has no public events today. He is in Burlington gearing up for his four-day, eight-city "Generation Dean" tour.

Congressman Gephardt is fundraising today in Beaumont and Dallas, Texas.

Senator Edwards has no public events scheduled for today.

Senator Lieberman is in D.C. and Philadelphia today with no public events scheduled. He will attend a private campaign fundraiser tonight in Gwynedd Valley, Pa.

Senator Graham will go to a private campaign fundraiser tonight in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Ambassador Moseley Braun has no public events announced for today.

Congressman Kucinich has no public events scheduled for today.

Before Rush Limbaugh announced he his resignation from ESPN, Reverend Sharpton was scheduled to hold a press conference in New York City today to call for his immediate termination.

In the recall:

Everyone waits to see what fall-out, if any, there is from the Los Angeles Times story, braces for another public poll, and tries to divine the Davis end-game strategy.

There's another debate tonight. Lieutenant Governor Bustamante, State Senator McClintock, and Peter Camejo will take part. After they debate, Darrell Issa and Art Torres will debate the recall.

Governor Davis sings a package of environmental bills today at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

Arnold Schwarzenegger begins his bus tour around the state with events in San Diego, Costa Mesa, and San Bernadino today.

Maria Shriver has no public events announced for today.

Wilson, newsy daily stories:

The Washington Post 's Milbank and Allen feature the Washington Post /ABC poll showing eye-poppingly negative opinions (as far as the White House is concerned) about the leak investigation. LINK

And the paper purposefully returns to its critical "two top White House officials called at least six journalists and disclosed the identity of Wilson's wife" language, as well as reprising the immortal "a senior administration official said the leak was 'meant purely and simply for revenge.'"

Richard Schmitt and Ed Chen of the Los Angeles Times say the FBI's investigation which could take months. LINK

And they have this paragraph that will make those on the Grassy Knoll nuts:

"(I)n addition to Ashcroft, among the political appointees who may help decide the fate of the case is the department's new second-in-command, acting deputy Robert McCallum. He is an old friend and Yale classmate of the president's; both were members of the secret Skull & Bones Society at Yale."

And this:

"Politics aside, the task facing investigators is deceptively complex. Obtaining phone records of administration officials, for instance, is often the stuff of a delicate political negotiation between prosecutors and White House lawyers, who are likely to argue that some sensitive materials are irrelevant to the case and should be kept under wraps. "

"'It is going to take them several weeks just to get the relevant records from the CIA and the White House,' a former Justice Department criminal division official said, requesting anonymity. ' The White House is not going to turn over all of [chief political adviser] Karl Rove's phone logs. There is going to be a negotiation over it. You have to negotiate the terms and conditions. It is going to take some time.'"

Mssrs. Stevenson and Lichtblau in the New York Times detail with precision the "two-track political strategy" the White House prosecuted Wednesday: LINK

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