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The Quinnipiac survey released Wednesday has Clark at 18, Dean at 17, Lieberman at 13, and Kerry at 12.

"In a reflection of Clark's political strength — and Bush's drop — the race's newcomer outpaced the president 48 percent to 41 percent. Several of the other Democratic candidates also were favored over Bush in the Democratic-leaning state, with Dean over Bush, 47-43 percent; Lieberman favored, 49-42 percent and Kerry 48-43 percent. Bush and Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt were running close, 46 percent to 44 percent."

"The poll found Bush's job approval among New Yorkers had dropped from 52 percent in June to 42 percent, close to where he was prior to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."

The New York Post writes up the Quinnipiac poll under the headline: "Surgin' general: Wes No. 1 in N.Y." LINK

The New York Daily News writes up the Quinnipiac poll under the headline: "Clark & Dean tops, Bush sinks in poll." LINK

The AP looks at "Generation Dean" and LINK

The AP reports on the new presidential forums being planned. LINK

CNN and Rock the Vote "will host a forum of young voters and Democratic presidential candidates on Nov. 4 at Faneuil Hall in Boston."

The Institute of Politics at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government "announced that it would host a series of nine one-on-one, hourlong, live forums … ."

"The series will be produced and aired by MSNBC" as part of its Hardball program.

Edwards will air Oct. 13 at 7 p.m.; Kerry will appear on Oct. 20; Sharpton on Oct. 27; Gephardt on Nov. 3; Graham on Nov. 10; and Braun on Nov. 17.

The Boston Globe reports on both the CNN/Rock the Vote forum and the Kennedy School candidate series that will all happen in Boston. LINK

Clark appears to be gaining with Latinos in Arizona. LINK

"Clark emerged at the top candidate among Latinos surveyed last week in the Behavior Research Center's Rocky Mountain Poll," while Dean placed second. Clark and Dean were chosen by 13 and 10 percent of respondents, respectively."

"Nine percent of those interviewed favored" Lieberman, "with 8 percent in favor of" Gephardt. Edwards "had 5 percent."

With the GOP tripling their cash stockpile, the DNC fear they will be sorely outspent in 2004 LINK


The Boston Herald's Andrew Miga reports, "Kerry's campaign confirmed [former Ambassador Joe] Wilson was a contributor and an informal foreign policy adviser who has met with Kerry staffers." And the Senator was not happy about the accusations of Wilson's bias. LINK

The Fort Worth Start Telegram covers Kerry's offensive against the White House on the Wilson case and the environment. LINK

Hey, Kerry takes on Howard Dean, too. LINK

And Tricia Enright doesn't like that at all. LINK

Jill Alper — who has informally advised Kerry for more than two years — is joining the campaign full-time to help plan and implement strategy," the AP reports. LINK

"Kerry has missed 61 percent of the 370 roll-call votes in the Senate this session," the Lowell Sun reports. LINK

Per the AP: Kerry on Thursday "will become the first of the 10 Democratic presidential candidates to open a campaign office in Michigan." LINK

From ABC News' Kerry campaign reporter Ed O'Keefe:

"Deep in the heart of the president's home state, Senator John F. Kerry took his sharpest shot yet at the Bush administration's involvement in leaking a CIA operative's identity to the press."

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