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"When asked about the brewing controversy following environmental remarks at a Habitat for Humanity construction site in Dallas, Texas, Kerry at first responded mildly."

"But shortly after the on camera portion of the event, Kerry locked and reloaded, pursuing New York Times reporter David Halbfinger to deliver, 'It's like the 1970s when Nixon would just throw names out, throw out accusations, play political games and dirty tricks.'"

"The Senator continued, 'It's complete in its Orwellian dissembling. It's part of a pattern; you know, they name something 'Healthy Forests' and they chop down the trees; they call something 'Clear Skies' and the skies are going to be dirtier than if you didn't do anything. It's part of a whole pattern, but here it's more abusive, more significant impact on people. But I think people are tired of, they're angry about it.'"

"Prior to his stronger statements, Kerry was asked about the revelation that Ambassador Joe Wilson contributed to his presidential effort, to which he responded, 'I see, so the White House is saying because Joe Wilson supports someone for president, that is was, therefore, justifiable to release the name of his wife as a CIA agent and break the law? That's a very interesting logic.'"

"Incidentally, Kerry added that he had never met Wilson until Tuesday night at an 'event' in Virginia."

"Meanwhile, in Dallas, Kerry squeezed in a visit to a formerly contaminated housing project now revitalized by Habitat for Humanity in between several closed press fundraisers in Dallas, Austin, and Houston."

"While using the Texas landscape to criticize his desired opponent, President Bush, Kerry focused largely on the $15 million man standing in his way: former Vermont Governor Howard Dean."

"Citing a 1993 agreement between then-Governor George Bush and then-Governor Howard Dean to ship nuclear waste from Vermont and Maine to Sierra Blanca in Texas, Kerry cited Senator Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.), who called the decision 'classic environmental injustice.'"


The Los Angeles Times' Nick Anderson on independent lobbyist Wesley Clark. LINK

The New York Post 's Brian Blomquist Notes that Clark "was registered as a lobbyist when he jumped into the presidential race, but he has yet to actually register as a presidential candidate — or even enroll as a Democrat." LINK

The FEC "said yesterday it still hasn't received a statement of Clark's candidacy, although the rules say a candidate must file a declaration within 15 days of spending or raising $5,000."

"Clark announced his candidacy Sept. 17 — exactly 15 days ago — and his aides say they've already raised more than $2 million."

Blomquist gets the Gephardt and Lieberman campaigns to go on the attack.

From Erik Smith of the Gephardt campaign: "'The only question is whether (Clark) is a Democratic lobbyist or a Republican lobbyist."

From Jano Cabrera of the Lieberman campaign: "'I cannot believe that this party is even considering nominating someone who's not only not a Democrat, but is a registered Washington lobbyist.'"

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