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"Protester Jonathan Kirshbaum said he wanted to send Senator Lieberman the message that as a Democratic candidate, he should take a more liberal position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even President Bush, Kirshbaum said, has been critical of the wall."

"Kirshbaum said the Jews Against the Occupation was also at Bryant Park in August to protest Howard Dean's claim that his views were close to AIPAC's."


From ABC News' Graham campaign reporter Tarana Harris:

"At a lunch yesterday with 50 business leaders at a luncheon hosted by the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group at the San Jose Mercury News, Senator Graham seemed happy to discuss something other than how much money he's raised. He was upbeat, making jokes about the Marlin-Giants game and the recall, which drew laughter."

"His speech wasn't so light. He asked, 'How does America maintain its standard of living in a globalized world economy, which kneels at the alter of the lowest unit cost of production?'"

"Graham said the answer includes supporting innovation, engaging in trade partnerships, and investing in infrastructure. He spoke about the 'intoxicating smell of subsidized agriculture,' and said that H-1 visas are a "safety valve" and should not permanently displace American workers."

"The Senator reiterated his support for an independent investigation of the CIA leak, saying: 'The question is, will a Justice Department investigation have credibility with the American people? Here you've got an attorney general appointed by the president who is supposed to be investigating the president and the operation of the White House. I think it was unfortunate that the independent counsel law wasn't reauthorized a couple of years ago, and what we need to do is come as close to that as possible through the appointment of a special counsel who will have the responsibility of doing a full, thorough investigation and making his finding and recommendations fully available to the American people.'"

The San Jose Mercury News recaps Graham's visit: LINK

Bill Maxwell of the St. Petersburg Times calls for Graham to drop his presidential campaign: LINK


Edwards leads a new South Carolina poll with "42 percent of those surveyed undecided," reports the Boston Globe 's Brian Mooney. LINK

Edwards beginning to show some life, gaining in South Carolina, Iowa polls reports Eric Dyer of the News & Record. LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

"On Tuesday morning, the dawn of the final hour of third-quarter fundraising, Senator Edwards started his day with a jog around Central Park in New York City. It was Edwards' first jump back to the East after a three-day fundraising blitz through the South that included South Carolina, Texas and Louisiana. A final third-quarter figure has not been released, but campaign officials have indicated the number will be significantly closer to $3 million rather than $4 million. They say this expected low quarter is in keeping with the overall budget strategy: $15 million at the end of the third while targeting a total campaign budget of $20 million. The campaign's online contribution effort, 'Boot Bush,' had raised $522,508 of the targeted $595,000 as of Tuesday. "

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