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"Campaign Chairman Ed Turlington said: 'The campaign had a concentrated strategy in the third quarter to primarily on politics. If you think about the two bus tours, the various debates, you think about the announcement — it was a calculated decision to spend a majority of the quarter on politics in addition to John's time in the Senate. It is my understanding we have had a good quarter in raising money and are still on track to our year-end goal of $20 million.'"

"Turlington went on to say, 'Senator Edwards has had the discipline all throughout the campaign to focus on his message, and his hard work along with staff to raise money. Are we going to have the money to compete successfully throughout the spring? The answer is yes. I watch their numbers, I watch how they are spending money. But it is not something I lose sleep over because what we can control is what we are doing on a daily basis.'"

Moseley Braun:

From ABC News' Moseley Braun campaign reporter Monica Ackerman:

"While President Bush was in the Windy City yesterday picking up more cash and talking about the economy, Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun's campaign is still struggling financially. Her campaign has only 13 paid staff and has pulled in about $200,000 in the last two quarters; Bush raised $3.6 million in Chicago alone yesterday."

"'We might talk about the Cubs; I don't know that I could talk about policy with him,' Moseley Braun said about having a conversation in person with President Bush."

"(The Cubs won Game 1.)"

"What next? Ambassador Moseley Braun is going back to school. Her campaign will announce next week the 'college tour,' during which she will visit 20 historically African-American and women's colleges, focusing on voter registration."


From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

"Frank Watkins is out, Charles Halloran is in."

"Reverend Al Sharpton has himself a new campaign manager. Frank Watkins, who managed Jesse Jackson's presidential campaigns in 1984 and 1988, resigned from the campaign Monday. Watkins said he left for 'personal reasons,' although he is not in poor health."

"Rachel Noerdlinger, Sharpton's press aide, said Watkins has been talking with Halloran for more than a month to hand over the reins smoothly. Noerdlinger said the campaign expects Halloran to jump-start the fundraising effort and that the resignation date of September 30 was chosen rather strategically."

"In a statement released Monday, Watkins said, 'My reason for leaving is strictly personal. Rev. Sharpton is a great candidate and he's making an extremely important contribution to the 2004 presidential campaign and the Democratic Party. He's raising issues that the other candidates would not otherwise be discussing. I will continue to do everything I can as an unpaid adviser. I will vote for him and I strongly urge others to vote for him. I wish him and the Sharpton campaign nothing but the best.'"

"One key campaign official said there was a minor dispute over money but Watkins denied it."

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