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And the first paragraph isn't encouraging: "California election officials are bracing for days or even weeks of uncertainty in knowing the outcome of Tuesday's recall vote."

California recall, the governor:

From the New York Times : "Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, acknowledged in a stopover at a union get-out-the-vote phone bank in Oakland that Mr. Davis's future was in doubt. 'There is a chance here that Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be governor," Mr. McAuliffe said, trying to add urgency to the workers' task. "I think it is going to be very close.'" LINK

Davis supporters launched a Spanish-language TV ad campaign, while Schwarzenegger received the endorsement of more than 450 organizations Tuesday reports the Tribune. LINK

The San Jose Mercury News' Paul Rogers looks at the hubbub over Governor Davis' land deals. LINK

California recall, the Democrat:

La Opinion says that according to sources, Bustamante requested the support from the national Democratic Party, suggesting that Davis could lose the recall vote. Davis is going to appear with Wesley Clark today and Thursday Bill Clinton will return to help the California governor. LINK

The Washington Post 's William Booth reports on the role of the California Indian tribes (and their casinos) in the recall. LINK

The Mercury News reports that the Bustamante camp denies he's losing steam. LINK

The Chronicle's Matier and Ross report that (surprise!) things are not friendly between the governor and the lieutenant governor these days. LINK

California recall, the rest of the field:

Arianna Huffington quits California gubernatorial race, Tuesday, calling on supporters to vote "no" on the recall — after announcing her decision on "Larry King Live." LINK

Politics: The Boston Globe 's Frank Phillips reports on Senator Kennedy's involvement in developing a new Center for the Study of the Senate to be named for him at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

The Associated Press reports that Vernon Jordan won't be reimbursed "for most of his legal bills arising from an investigation of President Bill Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday." LINK

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