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As for the investigation itself, let's say, hypothetically, that a certain senior White House official met with or talked to a certain columnist/CNN commentator during the period in which Novak was leaked the information, but that the certain senior official wasn't the one who leaked, but that there IS some sort of phone or visit record of their meeting(s).

THAT'S going to be an interesting situation, for investigators and reporters and the public.

President Bush meets separately with the president of Colombia and the prime minister of Pakistan, signs the appropriations act for the Department of Homeland Security, and meets with astronauts at the White House today.

General Clark campaigns separately with Governor Davis and Lieutenant Governor Bustamante today in Los Angeles. Clark will also attend at least one (at Norman Lear's house) and maybe two fundraisers in L.A. today.

Senator Kerry holds an environmental press event in West Dallas, Texas. He will also attend a private campaign fundraiser in Austin.

Governor Dean is in Burlington, Vermont, today with no public events scheduled, resting up from his star turn with Jay Leno.

Congressman Gephardt has private fundraisers in New York City and New Jersey today.

Senator Lieberman holds a media availability today in Plainview, New York.

Senator Graham attends a private campaign fundraiser tonight in Coral Gables, Florida.

Senator Edwards has no public events scheduled for today.

Congressman Kucinich has no public events scheduled for today.

Ambassador Moseley Braun is in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she will participate in Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit.

Reverend Sharpton is in New York City with no public events scheduled.

In the recall:

Governor Davis will meet with General Clark today at the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum. Davis will also join Arianna Huffington, Rob Reiner, Chris Albrecht, state officials, and environmental leaders to announce California's acquisition of the 2,960-acre Ahmanson Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will call into a block of radio shows today: Rick Roberts, Roger Hedgecock, John and Ken, and Stacy Taylor.

He'll also speak at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento about his plans for the first hundred days of a Schwarzenegger administration.

Maria Shriver speaks to female business leaders in Eureka today.

Lieutenant Governor Bustamante meets with General Clark in Century City at the Century Plaza Hotel today.

State Senator Tom McClintock holds a press conference today in Pasadena to discuss power contracts.

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley demonstrates early voting procedures with the Los Angeles County registrar of voters at Los Angeles Central Library.

Wilson, newsless daily stories:

Milbank and Schmidt of the Washington Post continue to back off the two-officials-six-reporters language in their daily story. LINK

The New York Times ' Lichtblau and Stevenson with the latest, most Notable for this near-kicker quote: LINK

"'The general view inside the White House among senior staff is that this is going to create a few rocky political days, that it's mainly the Democrats pushing it and that if all the Republicans stay on board, the story goes away,' a Republican worker with close ties to the White House said."

USA Today 's Benedetto, Keen, and Locy. LINK

Wilson, the Prince of Darkness profiled:

Howie Kurtz on Novak and Wilsongate. LINK

Wilson, Wilson profiled:

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