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"Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean raised more than $14,727,000 as of midnight ET on September 30, slashing the fundraising record set by Bill Clinton in 1995 and at least doubling, in some cases tripling, the total collected by each of his opponents."

Well, we'd say that if Howard Dean is flush with cash on his side with $14.7 million, the president's camp is downright fire engine red, with more than $50 million for the period. We'd also Note that the president raised more in one afternoon than all but one of the Democratic contenders raised in the quarter. (In other words, most every news report compares the record-breaking Dean number to the record-SMASHING Bush figure.) LINK and LINK and LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Cummings Notes that Dean's fundraising success raises "expectations he will forgo federal matching money and try to compete head-on with President Bush's formidable re-election money machine," and Dean's comments today about how many donors he expects to give how much money suggests he is thinking along these lines.

USA Today finds that while Dean's breaking records, he "hasn't dominated fundraising the way Bush did four years ago" and thus "even the financial stragglers among Democrats are likely to stay" in the race for a while.

Some hometown coverage:

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Karen Branch Brisco and Deirdre Shesgreen focus on their hometown guy's fundraising figures, finding one fundraiser who'd say the campaign "would bank between $3 million and $5 million" for the quarter. LINK

Edwards remains back with the pack as Dean surges ahead with $15 million writes Jim Morrill of the Charlotte Observer. LINK

Graham finds support in Florida, but admits he may miss money mark reports the Herald's Peter Wallsten. LINK

The AP writes up the final fundraising push. LINK

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary: Tonight is the night! Look for one Mr. James Pindell's hosting of a forum at St. Anselm College with all the state directors of presidential campaigns in New Hampshire. And do look for it on C-SPAN! (Although we can't say exactly when … )

The where: St. Anselm's Institute of Politics in Goffstown

The when: 7:00 pm ET

The who includes:

Lieberman — Peter Greenberger, state director Edwards — Carolina McCarley, state director Dean — Mike King, state campaign chair Clark — George Bruno, Clark adviser Gephardt — Jim Demers, state campaign chair Kerry — Ken Robinson, state director (We are told the Graham and Kucinich campaigns were invited, but did not confirm as of our press time.)

The AP's Ron Fournier reports that Dean's fund-raising success and Clark's momentum are forcing some Democratic presidential rivals to "overhaul their strategies or face defeat." LINK

Graham "has rented an apartment in Iowa for a single-state stand." Lieberman is "being told to abandon" Iowa. Edwards is "sharpening criticism of his rivals … ."

"Even John Kerry and Dick Gephardt … are reassessing their primary strategies … ."

The AP's Sharon Theimer writes up the Dean and Edwards "reversal in fortune." LINK

The House of Labor:

The AFL-CIO's Tuesday decision not to step into the Democratic nominating process and instead to let all the individual unions stake out their own endorsement turf was a bitter defeat for the unions backing Gephardt. Going into Tuesday's vote, some of these pro-Gephardt unions were optimistic that an October vote would indeed be called and their candidate would end up with the AFL's nod.

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