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"Clark's continuing registration as a hired gun for Acxiom, a Little Rock information-storage firm that hired him for $150,000 per year, was ripped by one good-government expert who said it 'doesn't smell particularly good.'"

"Asked by a Post reporter why he's still a registered lobbyist, Clark responded, 'Uh' and then ducked the question on his way in to a meeting on Capitol Hill with congressional supporters."

"A campaign spokeswoman said Clark would soon terminate his lobbying license if he hasn't already started the process."

In the write-up of General Clark Goes to Washington, the New York Times ' Seelye offers this:

"The Capitol Democrats said Mr. Gephardt's supporters had tried to safeguard their support among members after General Clark announced his candidacy on Sept. 17. But a spokesman for Mr. Gephardt's campaign, Erik Smith, said the two men were not competing for the same members." LINK

The Washington Post 's Juliet Eilperin reports on The General's visit to the Hill, where, "[before] the meeting, Clark said [he] was 'getting ideas and talking about issues' with fellow Democrats. After the session, however, he sounded more like a candidate looking for converts." LINK

Clark had a private meeting Tuesday with "at least 65 uncommitted Democratic House members," the AP reports. LINK

Considered by many the Democrats' only hope, Clark ascends Capitol Hill to a swarm of support. LINK

The General's fund-raising is "getting a boost" from Skip Rutherford, head of the Clinton presidential library, and New York venture capitalist Alan Patricoff, who helped raise millions" for former President Bill Clinton, the AP reports. LINK

The Washington Times looks at how Clark is being helped by the Army jargon reporters have used when writing up his candidacy. LINK


The Washington Post 's Laura Blumenfeld has a must-read about how Dean is, to paraphrase the Governor, empowering people. LINK

Blumenfeld suggests, "Perhaps one reason Dean connects so well with supporters is that on a gut level, he feels the way they do — frustrated."

The New York Times ' Toner on Howard Dean's struggle with his own Medicare position. LINK

Dean has raised $7.5 million on the Web but "there remains no substitute in New Hampshire for face-to-face, retail politics," reports John DiStaso. LINK

The Atlanta Journal Constitution writes that Dean's fundraising has left his competitors "further in the dust." LINK

According to Dean's Web site, as of midnight Tuesday the campaign had raised $14,786,510. LINK

Dean promised "jobs, health care and a dialogue on race" while speaking in the inner city of Los Angeles, the AP reports. LINK

The Doctor did Leno last night. LINK

"In a film clip, Dean was shown playing a guitar on a street next to signs reading, 'Your change for real change' and 'Will strum for presidency.' People were shown placing money in an open guitar case."

From ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

"With the lens of Governor Dean's traveling press corps and the campaign focused on the fundraising number, the day's most interesting exchange occurred at a small community center in South Los Angeles around noon."

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