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"And just as Dean finished speaking at said rally, as if on cue, the Union Pacific railroad, as much a symbol of Americana as you can get, lumbered up to railroad tracks nearby and very loudly blew its horn. The crowd cheered."

"'The irony is,' remarked a young Dean volunteer from Davenport, 'that train is full of coal that's going up to Chicago to be burned.'"

Correction: On Friday we incorrectly Noted that Governor Dean did not speak at the DNC dinner following last Thursday's debate in New York City. Governor Dean did in fact speak first. The Note regrets the error.


Congressman Dick Gephardt was in New Hampshire over the weekend touting his health care plan and continuing his attacks on Bush and Dean. LINK writes up Gephardt's visit with senior citizens in New Hampshire and his continuing stands at Dean. LINK

From ABC News Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins, who asked Gephardt about the alleged leak blowing the cover of Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife:

"'Bush should be held accountable,' Gephardt said. 'He needs to get all his people to cooperate with the Justice Department. It is a violation of federal law and whoever's involved with it should be properly punished. This is a very serious matter. In addition Congress should launch an investigation into this. I don't think we can just have the justice department investigating our own administration. This is a serious matter. The president said he was going to change all that and he needs to be held accountable.'"

"More Gephardt: 'It is a violation of federal law. Obviously if someone in the administration did this, they ought to be punished including stepping down.'"


"Looking to score with party liberals, John Kerry enlisted fellow Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy to join him here Saturday and join in a fiery call for broadened health care and an equally sharp attack on President Bush," the AP's Mike Glover reports. LINK

Patrick Healy in yesterday's Boston Globe had some really lovely Kerry/Kennedy stuff. LINK

"The Kennedy-Kerry tensions are a thing of the past, both men say, but that doesn't mean the senior senator is quietly stepping offstage to give Kerry the spotlight. Kennedy was in full-throated, liberal lion mode yesterday, and he made Kerry look a little like a cub."

"For all the gravitas that gives him a presidential sheen, Kerry doesn't seem to fire up hard-core Democrats the same way a Ted Kennedy, or for that matter, a Howard Dean, can. Kerry drew audiences in the hundreds yesterday, while Dean's crowds often number in the thousands."

"Kennedy acknowledged Dean's impact on Democrats this season. ' Dean has done an incredible job at energizing a very important new constituency, ' he said. ' You have to give him credit for being a very significant figure in this whole prenomination period.'"

Just the way the Kerry campaign would describe it!!

From ABC News' Kerry campaign reporter Ed O'Keefe:

"In Boston's Fleet Center, candidate Kerry set aside his stump speech and laced up his skates for the Fourth Annual Celebrity Hat Trick charity hockey game benefiting the Leary Firefighters Foundation. The lone politician on the roster, Kerry glided along the ice with Hollywood stars and hockey legends including event host Denis Leary, Michael J. Fox, Tim Robbins, 'Mr. Hockey' Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Phil Espisito, Cam Neely and Ray Bourque."

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