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"Although Lieberman has been putting on a brave public face, Mark Pazniokas of the Hartford Courant reports that Lieberman is concerned about filling his campaign coffers." LINK

"'I continue to be in the top tier' of candidates in the polls, Lieberman told an audience of campaign donors over coffee. 'The money really is the biggest worry I have. Howard Dean is raising a lot of money on the Internet.'"

Paul Hughes has a write-up on Lieberman's home stretch fundraising effort. LINK


From ABC News' Graham campaign reporter Tarana Harris:

"In keeping with the campaign's southern strategy, this weekend Graham attended the football game in South Carolina, spoke at the Young Dem Derby and attended service Sunday at the Brookland Baptist Church. Graham returns to South Carolina for fundraisers on October 8."

"Responding to last week's reports on Graham's poor fundraising situation, Marvin Rosen, Graham's finance chair, acknowledged that summer was slow. According to Rosen, the campaign is just now getting its fundraising operation in to place, and the biggest events will take place in the coming weeks. A dinner at the Biltmore in Miami this week will be the largest to date. Rosen said Graham's speech at the DNC dinner last week, in which he criticized the Bush administration for being driven by one thing, 'O-I-L,' was a hit and produced commitments from major fundraisers. But Rosen doesn't expect major dollars for the third quarter because totals from upcoming events won't be reported until next quarter."

In weekend coverage, Peter Wallsten unravels Graham's strategy, which includes the campaign's low aim for fourth place in Iowa. LINK

Frank Cerabino writes a profile of Graham. LINK


From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

"Progressive liberals are alive and well in California, and they are angry. Angry at Bush, angry at the mainstream media, and REALLY angry at the Democratic Party."

"Kucinich waded in friendly waters this weekend as he made a fundraising sprint in San Francisco and Los Angeles, starting with a fiery speech on his legislation to repeal the Patriot Act to a packed room of supporters at a San Francisco breakfast overlooking the Golden Gate bridge. The highlight came when spiritual guru (and Oprah fave) Marianne Williamson took the mic and implored the crowd to contribute the full $2,000 they're allowed. In a departure from supporters' normal confidence that Kucinich will be the nominee, Williamson addressed the elephant in the living room of these events … .whether he's electable. She proclaimed that she'll 'be in love with' whoever wins the nomination the morning after the convention, but even if it's not Kucinich she wants to keep his voice in the race so that the nominee cannot afford to avoid his positions."

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