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More from the Granite State: GOP officials are excited about the possibility of an upcoming presidential visit. reports that President Bush might kick off his campaign in New Hampshire sometime this month, "his fourth trip to New Hampshire since the 2000 election and his first since the presidential primary campaign has officially begun last week." LINK

Vice President Dick Cheney was in Manchester last week and raised $175,000.

The Hill's Dick Morris pushes a four-point plan on Karl Rove in order to "resurrect this dying presidency." LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

Helen Dewar's Saturday Washington Post story on the Republicans probably having to defer more tax cuts and the Democrats more spending (and vice versa) is the ultimate Big Casino budget story. LINK

The economy:

USA Today 's Peronet Despeignes reports, "Sales are rising, profits are growing, investment is picking up and the stock market has rallied. After three years of financial implosions, terrorist attacks and wars, the U.S. economy is coming out of hibernation and could soon expand at a pace not seen since the boom years of the 1990s." LINK

And, presidential candidates take Note, Despeignes writes, "Even if joblessness lingers long enough to give Bush the worst jobs record since Hoover, that's no sure end to his re-election chances."

"Comparisons to President Franklin Roosevelt, not Hoover, might be more appropriate … "

The economy grew more in the second quarter than had been previously estimated — with a GDP of 3.3%, as opposed to the earlier assessment of 3.1%, the Wall Street Journal 's Lagomarsino and Crane report. Buw while businesses scaled down inventories and home building increased, consumer confidence is slightly down.

Keying off a Census Bureau report released Friday, the AP reports: "Poverty rose and income levels declined in 2002 for the second straight year as the nation's economy continued struggling after the first recession in a decade." LINK

"Even before the data was made public, House Democrats charged the Bush administration was trying to hide bad economic news by releasing the numbers on a Friday when people are paying more attention to the upcoming weekend. In previous years, the estimates were released on a Tuesday or Thursday."

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

Today is the day … the Hillary for Senate (that is Senate … not some office that starts with "P," all you gossip hunter and gatherers out there) luncheon organized by one Mr. Fred P. Hochberg.

We hear it sold so well they are taking the joint over (Eleven Madison that is --LINK)

Exclusively here … some Notes on the $1000-a-plate* gathering:

Special guest: Robert E. Rubin (who we hear will take to the mic).

Among the hosts: Fred P. Hochberg, Bob Kerrey, Bill & Sheila Lambert, Anne Hess, Craig Kaplan.

And how about the co-hosts? Among the ranks: Hillary Rosen, Andy Tobias, Mike Berman … and more!

Eats exclusively Empire State: Local duck appetizers, local green market tomatoes, striped bass from Montauk.

Guests of Note: Evelyn Lauder, Virginia Fields, Denny Farrell, Howard Wolfson, Dan Canter, Jack Lew

Maureen White … and more!

We love the table names (no numbers, because that is SO 2000)

A sampling:

Seamus (as in the dog, not the writer) Empire State The Shuttle Living History It Takes a Village Senate House Treasury Armed Services Environment Health Education (for her committees)

(But where is Table 1600? we'd ask?)

Why such an early start?

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