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The San Francisco Chronicle: LINK

No one scored a touchdown, writes the San Francisco Chronicle's Robert Salladay, but no one fatally fumbled either. LINK

California recall, Arnold v. Arianna:

The New York Times 's Charlie Leduff on the "Arnold and Arianna show." LINK

The Sacramento Bee leads with Schwarzenegger/Huffington sniping: LINK

With the vote to oust Gov. Gray Davis less than two weeks away, Arianna uses a prime-time debate to stage a relentless attack on the Terminator. LINK

California recall, color:

The Los Angeles Times on how the "real jousting began" in the Post -debate spin room: LINK

Hank Steuver of the Washington Post went party hopping. LINK

California recall, Arnold:

The San Jose Mercury News leads with Schwarzenegger's good, but not great, performance: LINK

USA Today 's John Ritter and Martin Kasindorf called it a "pivotal moment" in the recall where "Arnold Schwarzenegger blamed free-spending politicians for the state's problems and bantered with four other candidates in a raucous debate 13 days before voters go to the polls." LINK

USA Today 's Martin Kasindorf says that Schwarzenegger had the "most to prove" and "did what he had to do." LINK

The wildly prolific Mr. Kasindorf also has a big profile of "Schwarzenegger's American Dream." You have to check out the hard copy to see the photo (complete with a big old Texas-style belt buckle). LINK

Did we mention "prolific"? Kasindorf also profiles Schwarzenegger's financial profile. LINK Maureen Dowd talks with Arnold about bodybuilding, books, metrosexuals, and women's fashion. LINK

USA Today has a bio box for Schwarzenegger, and we're not sure when's the last time we saw "championed" on someone's file. LINK

California recall, the governor:

The Los Angeles Times' Gregg Jones looks at Davis' chances for surviving the recall — and gets in the fact that Dan Schnur roots for the Sacramento Kings. LINK

"Six weeks ago, Davis' chances of survival looked so bleak that donors were reluctant to contribute money and prominent Democrats were reluctant to stand on the same stage with him."

Davis' aides plan for him to keep on keepin' on over the next 12 days with town hall meetings and TV ads looking to plant doubt in voters' minds about the wisdom of the recall

"Planting those doubts may be easier, Davis aides believe, after Wednesday night's debate, in which the candidates broadly attacked one another's politics and personalities and only occasionally criticized the governor."

"'I look at Davis' team the same way I look at the Los Angeles Lakers,' said the Sacramento Kings fan. 'I root against them, but every once in a while you have to stop and admire how good they are at what they do.'"

ABC 2004: Taste of the Campaign:

Was the Culinary Clash in the Capital a measure of things to come?

At the ABC News Taste of the Campaign party, hosted by David Westin and Peter Jennings, the Washington cognoscenti mingled on a balcony overlooking the Capitol building and featuring one of the best views in the city.

A potential Florida election situation emerged as the ballots were tallied for the culinary clash, but guests were assured at the voting stations that there would be no chance for a recount.

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