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Jennings, voting in his first American election, announced the winner of the dessert contest among the campaigns and President Bush's Cowboy Cookies triumphed over the10 Democratic dessert contenders, including close runner-up Congressman Dick Gephardt's peach cobbler.

ABC News Political Unit Director Mark Halperin counted and certified the vote, which first ended in a tie between the Bush Cowboy Cookies and the Gephardt peach cobbler. Giving the Gephardt campaign room for a potential appeal, one ballot featured a vote for the peach cobbler and a write-in vote. The ballot was tossed out, giving the Bush Cowboy Cookies the one-vote victory.

Lieberman could have been in a tie with President Bush, but, according to numerous sources, his own press secretary, Jano somethingorother, failed to vote.

Will this be a sign of things to come in the general election? The Bush campaign took its victory in stride. Campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel: "It's further evidence that the president's team knows how to succeed in a closely divided electorate."

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