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"Tuesday at Town Hall in New York City, both Reverend Al Sharpton and Congressman Kucinich spoke on a panel with Dr. Helen Caldicott and the Dalai Lama on Ethical Revolution and the World Crisis."

"The event was delayed for 10 minutes while the panel waited for the arrival of … yes, that's right, Reverend Al Sharpton kept the Dalai Lama waiting. Sharpton explained his tardiness: 'I was trying to get through President Bush' traffic. When I'm president, I won't stick up traffic for the Dalai Lama.'"

"During the event Sharpton asked the Dalai Lama, 'Can you imagine: actors with stuntmen and phony guns are being extolled to be governors in this country? And I'm not asking you to endorse in California. If you want to make a presidential endorsement, I would welcome it.'"

"The Dalai Lama with legs crossed and shoes off, leaned over to hear the translator and then chuckled. Sharpton leaned over to Kucinich, put his hand on his shoulder and said, 'I'll take that as a positive chuckle.'"

"Later, Sharpton again put his hand on Kucinich's shoulder and said, 'Don't worry; we love each other. I told Dennis he'd make a good Vice President for me.'"

California recall:

Michael Finnegan leads his recall wrapup with the court's decision to overturn the three-judge panel and move forward with an October 7 election. Don't be fooled. There's plenty more in Finnegan's story than meets the eye, including: Issa's about-face including a promise to endorse a candidate by the weekend, Brulte's endorsement of Schwarzenegger, Tom McClintock's determination to see this through to the end, and those negative ads flying about. LINK

The New York Times on the court's ruling and the ACLU's decision to not appeal with the Supreme Court: LINK

USA Today 's Martin Kasindorf can't wait for the "frenetic 13-day home stretch" for the recall. LINK

His colleague, John Ritter, reports that pundits say the recall is about to get nasty, though there's no comment from Janet Jackson. LINK

The Los Angeles Times reports on the unprecedented interest in tonight's debate. LINK

"Underscoring the potential effect of the debate, two out of three likely voters say the event will play an important role in influencing their vote, according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California."

The Wall Street Journal editorial board is thrilled with the court's decision, but incredibly disappointed that the 9th Circuit won't be humiliated by the Supreme Court on this case.

"We have to confess, though, to being a tad disappointed that the High Court won't be heard from on this issue. The Ninth Circuit slapdown is welcome."

California recall, Arnold:

Arnold Schwarzenegger puts forth his Friedman/Smith based economic principles in a Wall Street Journal op-ed and slams Governor Davis and Lieutenant Governor Bustamante for their tax and spend ways.

"It was not always like this in the Golden State. When I moved to California, as a penniless immigrant from Austria with a pretty rough time of it speaking English, this state was the promised land for anyone who wanted to work hard to get ahead in life. My own dreams fortunately came true in this great state. I became Mr. Universe; I became a successful businessman. And even though some people say I still speak with a slight accent, I have reached the top of the acting profession. (I shouldn't advertise that too loudly or Gov. Davis will probably try to raise my taxes again.)"

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