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"'I was shocked' by General Clark's initial comment on the resolution, Dr. Dean, former governor of Vermont, said in an interview as he flew from a rally in Boston to a series of fund-raisers in New York. 'I was even more shocked that he switched the next day.'"

For his part, The General is quoted thusly: "'I've been against the war from the beginning,' he told reporters in Indiana, where he later addressed students at DePauw University."

The (and we mean "The") Dan Balz of the Washington Post writes, "Dean launched his broadside against the administration in Kerry's backyard, at a rain-drenched rally in Boston's Copley Square, where he called on supporters to lead a modern-day grass-roots campaign to oust the president by pointing to the Revolution as a comparison." LINK

SEIU's Dennis Rivera put his " fund-raising muscle " behind Howard Dean Tuesday , hosting a reception that raised about $30,000. LINK

The New York Post 's Stefan Friedman and Ed Robinson reports on Dean's fundraiser with Rivera in Gotham yesterday. LINK

"Campaigning on a top rival's home turf, Dean reminded a raucous crowd that Bostonians of an earlier time rebelled against tyranny and argued that today's political environment demands a similar response," the AP reports. LINK

"'They had a king named George who had forgotten his people and only listened to special interests,' he said, drawing cheers from onlookers, some carrying signs that read 'Beantown is Deantown,' and 'Harvard 4 Howard.'"

The Boston Globe 's Sarah Schweitzer reports on Dean's Boston speech "rallying a lunch-time crowd in Copley Square with a speech threaded with anti-President Bush one-liners." LINK

The Boston Herald's David Guarino reports on Dean's Boston stop, where he was "using deeply Colonial metaphors." LINK

We were getting a little concerned because we hadn't seen one of these in a little while. Have no fear, the Los Angeles Times provides your daily dose of a "Dean and the Internet" story. LINK

Howard Dean has an Israel problem — so says Salon, which goes on to look at just how different Dean's views are from those of AIPAC or the Clinton Administration. Steve Grossman calls the idea Dean is "breaking faith with this 55-year tradition of the United States' special relationship with Israel" "patently absurd." But some observers say there is a real ideological shift underway and Hank Sheinkopf says Dean keeps "changing his position." LINK


Gephardt picked up his 14th union endorsement when leaders of the Laborers International Union of North America decided Tuesday to back the Missouri Democrat , the AP reports. LINK

"After a disappointing showing in fund raising so far, Gephardt's third-quarter results, out Sept. 30, will be a key indication of whether he can win enough support for a laborwide endorsement from the AFL-CIO."

The Boston Globe 's Brian Mooney reports on the LIUNA endorsement. LINK


The Des Moines Register had Edwards' comments on campaign finance reform. LINK

John Wagner of the Raleigh News and Observer reports on Edwards' proposal to ban campaign contributions from lobbyists to presidential and congressional candidates LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

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