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"State Rep. Wallace Scarborough, R-Charleston, said he was 'outraged' that The Citadel would allow Clark to speak there because Clark 'can't even make up his own mind about the war.'"

And the State reports the "Citadel did not invite Clark to speak. Visiting professor Phil Lader, an ambassador under President Clinton, invited him, spokeswoman Charlene Gunnells said. The school charged Clark's campaign $650 to rent Summerall Field for the event, she said."

The Chicago Tribune finds that Clark's career is a study in contradictions. LINK

Clark would do well to recall his Tacitus, says John O'Sullivan of the Sun-Times, as he identifies Clark's four major problems for the 2004 campaign. LINK

Republicans in Iowa are baffled by another misstep in the Clark campaign; Ed Henry of Roll Call questions whether the Clark staff, like the rest of us, are confused about his stand on issues. LINK

Dick Morris predicts that Clark will fade. LINK

The "shocking truth" is that the "sudden and headlong collapse of President Bush's popularity has created such a vacuum that a new candidate such as retired Gen. Wesley Clark has no difficulty soaring to the top of the polls based on one week's publicity."

Morris believes Bill Clinton "picked up the Clark banner and had his staff rally around" Clark to sow "confusion, chaos and consternation."

"Determined that nobody but they capture the White House — or even the Democratic Party — the Clintons are opposed to anyone who gains momentum … . In the long run, Dean's momentum will prove real and Clark's will be seen as bogus … . The Dean candidacy is the first creation of the Internet age. By contrast, Clark's is perhaps the last of the media-created candidacies … . Dean still can't beat Bush. But how far can Bush drop before we hear the splash at the bottom of the well."

The New York Post 's Deborah Orin reports that some of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's top New York fund-raisers jumped on board the surging candidacy of retired Gen. Wesley Clark, including Sally Minard, Gail Furman and Eve Stuart. LINK

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

"Last night General Clark had three fundraising stops at private residences on the Upper East Side, SoHo, and then the West Village. The first fundraiser at the home of Sally Menard looked to have drawn in close to 100 people — and I'm told among those guests were Hollywood veterans Ben Stiller and Mike Nichols. General Clark showed up around 7 pm EDT with one of the largest entourages I've seen him with to date that included his press secretary Kym Spell. Unfotunately, in another 'never before seen' moment with the General, he did not stop to speak with the small pool of local reporters who had staked out the event."

"Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) was in attendance and did stop to speak before going inside saying it's good 'having a four-star general on the playing field.' When asked about the General's flip-flopping on issues, Rangel said: 'He's a great general, not a very good legislator.' Rangel went on to say that he will indeed endorse General Clark sometime next week (he'd do it sooner, but others in Congress wanted 'to meet and do it together,' Rangel said) when the General stops in Washington, D.C. A source close to the Clark campaign Notes that The General will be speaking to Congressional reps next Tuesday Washington."

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