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"The so-called grace period for General Clark's campaign will come to an end this week as he gears up for his first debate — and many are left wondering whether the other nine candidates' kind words for Clark when he was poised to enter the campaign will remain so now that he's actually in the race (comments from the Edwards, Lieberman, and Dean campaigns this weekend already show the threat Clark faces and poses). The Clark campaign met behind closed doors most of the weekend to discuss policy strategy and prep for the debate. Before General Clark headed out to cheer on the Arkansas' Razorbacks on Saturday, cheers being heard from outside the closed-doored gathering. After last week's rough start with The General's flip-flop on the Iraq vote and his stumbling unpreparedness to answer any questions on any domestic issues, this weekend's Newsweek poll could provide the fire in the belly needed to get this campaign in order."

"Today we wait and watch The General raise the bar on his campaign, going after money and support as quickly as he can. Campaign officials told the AP (LINK) that in the first three days of Clark's campaign, he's raised $750,000. If he keeps up that momentum, that would mean $1,750,000 in the first week or $7,500,000 in the first month. In order to do this, it means more fundraising and that's all over the schedule this week: beginning tonight in New York. As for how much the campaign hopes to raise this quarter, Clark adviser Mark Fabiani says the campaign is taking fundraising day by day and should have some projections 'at some point, but not yet.'"

Matt Bennett, the director of public affairs for Americans for Gun Safety, sent us this e-mail, in reference to Friday's VandeHei story about Clark's position on Brady, after The Note wrote "See VandeHei on Clark's apparent unfamiliarity with the Brady Law":

"Well in Friday's Post, VandeHei indeed did indeed tweak Clark for his failure in that regard. But then HE (Jim VDH) got it wrong. He went on to report that the Brady Act provides for background checks and waiting periods. That was true — in 1998. Waiting periods have been gone for 5 years, replaced by instant check."

"I agree with the general premise that Clark should've known about our most basic federal gun laws. But if the Post is going to jump on him for that, they should have THEIR facts straight, don't you think?"

Ms. Schwartz?

Clark, Message Issues:

Asked by U.S. News for the first three things he would do as president," Clark answered with more enthusiasm than mathematical skill: 'Work the foreign policy issue and the war on terrorism, reinvigorate the economy and provide new jobs, set in motion the kinds of programs that address urgent domestic needs and reduce the deficit.'" LINK

Clark, money potential:

Kit Seelye on the donations arriving unsolicited to Campaign Clark. LINK

"Advisers say the money does not include the $1.9 million that supporters pledged before he entered the race Wednesday. The campaign intends to notify those supporters … and ask them to back up their pledges with cash," the AP reports. LINK

Clark, the man:

Ron Brownstein looks at Clark-as-McLellan (the General, not Scott, for all you young staffers out there), the Civil War's anti-war General.

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