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Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—8:00 am: Senator John Kerry attends a Women for Kerry breakfast featuring Kathleen Turner, New York City

—10:30 am: General Wesley Clark holds a meet and greet at the Hamburg Inn, Iowa City, Iowa

—11:00 am: Congressman Dennis Kucinich attends a rally, Bangor, Maine

—11:00 am: State Senator Tom McClintock attends a breakfast meeting with the California Black Republican Council, Riverside, Calif.

—12:00 pm: Senator Bob Graham attends a campaign fundraiser, Gainesville, Fla.

—12:00 pm: Governor Howard Dean holds a town hall meeting on the economy, Berlin, N.H.

—12:30 pm: Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed will host a press conference announcing the state's strategy following the decision declaring Washington's blanket primary unconstitutional, Olympia, Wash.

—1:00 pm: Governor Davis campaigns with former Vice President Gore to urge voter registration prior to the September 22 deadline for the October 7 recall, Los Angeles

—1:30 pm: State Senator Tom McClintock attends a car tax abolition rally, San Bernadino, Calif.

—1:30 pm: Senator Bob Graham attends a campaign fundraiser, Gainesville, Fla.

—2:00 pm: Senator Kerry tours a factory, Paterson, N.J.

—2:00 pm: Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante discusses community college fee rollback at Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles

—2:15 pm: General Clark holds a media availability, Iowa City, Iowa

—5:00 pm: General Clark makes a speech, titled "The American Leadership Role In a Changing World," at the University of Iowa Law School, Iowa City, Iowa

—5:00 pm: Governor Davis and former Vice President Gore attend a voter registration rally, San Francisco —5:15 pm: Governor Dean attends the opening of campaign office, Dover, N.H.

—5:30 pm: State Senator McClintock visits the Maury microwave manufacturing facility, Ontario, Calif.

—6:15 pm: General Clark holds a media availability, Iowa City, Iowa

—6:30 pm: Reverend Al Sharpton holds a media availability, New Orleans —6:30 pm: Senator Bob Graham attends a campaign fundraiser, North Broward, Fla.

—6:30 pm: Governor Dean attends the Seacoast Democratic Banquet, Portsmouth, N.H.

—7:00 pm: Congressman Kucinich keynotes the Massachusetts Peace Action Convention, Cambridge, Mass.

—7:30 pm: Reverend Sharpton holds a campaign fundraiser at Pampy's Creole Kitchen, New Orleans

—7:30 pm: Governor Dean participates in a conversation on choice organized by Planned Parenthood, Hampton, N.H.


Back about a million years ago (before Howard Dean was on "K Street," before the recall was a gleam in Mark Barabak's eye, before, even, Al Gore was publicly for single payer), the staff of The Note published on a semi-regular schedule our patented Invisible Primary Ratings.

The premise of the ratings was that — invisible to all but a handful of what Steve Elmendorf estimated was about 2,000 people — the contenders for the Democratic nomination for president were competing within a series of underground mini and virtual primaries that would determine their relative strength as they approached the actual voting of actual voters in January of 2004.

History records that the winner of the Invisible Primary in the year preceding the election has, in both parties, gone on to win the nomination every cycle of the modern era. With 2004's early-starting Democratic race, however, we dropped our ratings in the spring, since everything had become all too visible, well-chronicled, and fast moving.

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