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And while we're all on pins and needles waiting to hear what the 9th Circuit will do, the show goes on for the candidates, the New York Times ' John Broder and Charlie LeDuff write. LINK

Bustamante would like to see the election take place on October 7. LINK

California recall, the governor:

All this talk of ballots and court cases is perfectly appropriate, since the picture of the day will be Gray Davis side by side with former Vice President Al Gore. Gore is expected to urge Californians to register to vote before Monday's deadline and reiterate the anti-recall message espoused by national Democrats campaigning with Davis all week long.

The Los Angeles Times' Matea Gold and Miguel Bustillo deliver a must-read about Governor Davis' tenuous relationship with African Americans in California. LINK

"Usually a loyal Democratic constituency, many black voters are instead frustrated with the governor's centrist policies and unimpressed with his administration, according to political analysts and recent interviews. But they also view the recall as a partisan maneuver to push Democrats out of office."

"Their approval affects Davis' political fortunes. In 1998, black voters made up 13% of the electorate and Davis romped to a 20-point victory. When he ran for reelection last year, however, African Americans made up only 4% of the vote — an absence of 800,000 voters that contributed to his narrow win."

"With Californians split evenly on the recall, a large black turnout could prove decisive."

The governor attended a fundraiser last night in Los Angeles where the likes of Annette Benning, Warren Beatty, Republican Bruce Willis, Jack Nicholson, Harry Hamlin, Alan Thicke (who some might have thought would be supporting Gary Coleman, what with writing the Different Strokes theme song and all), James Cromwell, and Mr. long distance dedication — Casey Kasem were all seen having a good time.

A buoyant Peter Ragone getting more and more comfortable with his California style pink shirt and Terminator-esque shades showed up well before his candidate at Los Angeles Southwest Community College yesterday to chat up reporters about how much he likes what he's seeing in the Davis camp's internal polls.

Although, he took pains to say that he isn't overly confident and there is still work to be done, he made it clear that they see a trend of Californians moving away from the recall. We wonder if Mr. Schwarzenegger's internal polls are beginning to show the same trends?

USA Today 's Martin Kasindorf reports that Governor Davis took the immigration debate in California to a whole new level on Wednesday. LINK

Well, they've finally found a measure of message discipline, anyway. Davis has latched onto the notion of the California recall as a Republican plot to overturn elections they couldn't win — and as it's echoed by every prominent Democrat who comes to California to campaign against the recall — and now the Christian Science Monitor has taken it one step further to include the battle over redistricting in Texas. LINK

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