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"In the minds of Democrats, Republicans are trying to systematically reverse elections around the country: from the impeachment of Bill Clinton to the recount in Florida to the recall in California to redistricting in Colorado and Texas," says Harvey Kronberg, editor of Quorum Report, a political newsletter based in Austin. "That's one of the things that made this Texas battle rise to such extreme showmanship on the part of the Democrats."

California recall, the rest of the field:

Bustamante, McClintock, Huffington, and Camejo are still threatening to boycott Wednesday's debate unless the format goes from scripted to unscripted. The Broadcasters' Association has no plans to change the format. LINK

Note to assignment editors at California television stations: You might want to send two cameras to this event.

The Los Angeles Times asks: Are Bustamante and McClintock in cahoots? LINK

Here's the Los Angeles Times' "Ad Watch" on a new spot supporting Mr. McClintock but not paid for by him. LINK

The San Jose Mercury News on today's other court decision: whether Bustamante has broken campaign finance laws: LINK

California recall, Arnold:

The Washington Post reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger has become the main target in the campaign. No word yet on whether or not Mr. Schwarzenegger will begin using Bill Clinton's favorite "Baby Huey doll" comparison. LINK

ABC News' Schifrin reports Arnold Schwarzenegger chose what he called the early 20th century's most powerful special interest-the special interest that Hiram Johnson "defeated" on his way to giving Californians the ability to recall their governor-as the backdrop for his proposal yesterday of state government reforms.

"In front of a replica of the lead Central Pacific Railroad car, Schwarzenegger proposed four initiatives to "bring the trust back": increasing access to government documents and meetings via an improved California State Amendment 1; giving the task of redistricting to a group of randomly selected retired judges; criminalizing violations of campaign finance laws and prohibiting elected officials from raising money during the entire budget season; and requiring candidates and elected officials to post all campaign contributions, regardless of time and dollar amount, immediately on the Internet."

"Schwarzenegger also took the opportunity to attack Tom McClintock's decision to air TV ads sponsored by California's Indian gaming tribes. "He knows that they're financing him not because they want him to be governor-they just want to interfere with the process so that Bustamante wins. That's it. So he has to decide in the end which side is he on-the Republicans' or Bustamante's."

"And just in case that didn't send the message, communications director Sean Walsh Noted to reporters after the event that Cruz Bustamante's lawyers were in court today to defend his campaign financing moves, and that 'Mr. McClintock appears to be potentially in the same arena as Mr. Bustamante … Mr. McClintock frankly owes the public an explanation of what he's doing.'"

"Walsh couldn't help himself when Al Gore's visit was brought up, Noting that 'some of his more onerous fundraising scandals have happened here in California … so bring him on.'"

The Sacramento Bee covers Schwarzenegger's proposed reforms: LINK

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