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"Gephardt camp welcomes retired general's entry, says he'll siphon votes from front-runner Dean, not Gephardt's blue-collar backers. Dean manager Trippi sees 'no sign he's slowed our growth.' After giving to Dean, TV producer and liberal activist Norman Lear sends money to Clark."

"Clark's debut gets weak reviews; a labor leader calls it 'more inspiring for who he is than what he said.' Clark says he'll try to be at a New York debate next week. One top Democrat says 'it's spectacular to have a four-star general' to jab Bush. Bush adviser Matthew Dowd concedes Clark's Southern roots could help Democrats beyond Republicans' Dixie."

"In West and Midwest, it would signal 'that the nominee is more moderate or conservative,' he says."

So see below for how Clark is doing in the key indices that will determine if he will be a player in the nomination fight or a strange interlude that history will record saved Howard Dean from himself.

The President has no public events scheduled for today.

Governor Dean campaigns in New Hampshire today, where he'll hold a town hall meeting on the economy in Berlin. He'll also be in Dover, Portsmouth, and Hampton. He holds a couple of fundraisers and campaigns in New York this weekend.

Senator Graham holds private fundraisers in Gainesville and North Broward, Florida, today.

Senator Kerry attended a Women for Kerry breakfast in New York City this morning and fundraises later. He campaigns in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Congressman Gephardt has private fundraisers today. He campaigns in Iowa this weekend.

Congressman Kucinich campaigns in Maine and Massachusetts today. He campaigns in New Hampshire on Saturday and in California on Sunday.

Senator Lieberman is in Chicago with no public events today. He's back in D.C. tomorrow with no public events.

Reverend Sharpton campaigns in New Orleans today. He's in D.C. and South Carolina over the weekend.

Ambassador Moseley Braun is in Chicago today. She will attend an awards ceremony with the National Organization for Women, but she is not scheduled to make remarks. She also appears on ABC News Politics Live today to talk about her formal campaign announcement scheduled for Monday. She will start in D.C. on Monday, travel to South Carolina, and finish back home in Chicago.

Senator Edwards tours the emergency response center in Raleigh, North Carolina, today and attends a press conference regarding hurricane damage. He's in San Francisco on Saturday with Governor Davis.

In the recall:

Governor Davis will campaign with former Vice President Al Gore in Los Angeles and San Francisco today to encourage voter registration.

Lieutenant Governor Bustamante discusses the plan to reverse the displacement of 123,000 community college students because of high fees today at Los Angeles City College.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has no public events planned for today.

State Senator Tom McClintock attends a breakfast meeting with the California Black Republican Council. He also attends a car tax abolition rally and visits a microwave manufacturing facility.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could make a decision today on whether to rehear the ruling delaying the recall.

Clark, Money Potential:

Who is the campaign's lawyer? Where is Peter Knight? Are members of Congress helping him raise money? How much will he raise in the third and fourth quarters? How much will he REALLY raise on the Web?

All of these questions make this category a true work in progress.

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