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"General Clark stood on a chair in the middle of the deli to address the people: 'I need your support. I need you to bring other people on board. I need you to reach out to people who have never participated in politics before and tell them now's the time, the country's in danger, take a stand, raise the issues, get one of those Clark banners and draft Clark signs and make a statement.'"

"And support is what the people lent … check after check was handed to The General and his special assistant, Mark Nichols, as they made their way through the crowd. Some checks for as little as $100, donated by a local history professor, and others totaling in the $2,000 range."

"And also included in The General's makeshift speech — 'The next thing I need is financial support. I know, look, the simple truth about politics is, if you're going to make a difference in this country, you're going to have to have an organization, you have to be able to communicate the message, you have to travel, you have to have the signs, and all that takes resources. This is America, we operate on the greenback. I need your support.'"

"Face the cameras when you're speaking" said one reporter, a sentiment later echoed by Clark's press secretary.

Clark, perceived electability:

That's what this is all about it, isn't it?

Clark, in-person campaigning skills:

This is in some ways the man's great electoral strength. His success in Manhattan salons would translate quiet nicely if only he had time to hit all of Iowa's counties. (Quick, General, how many is that?)

Clark, television campaigning skills:

All that CNN training paid off; the man is unflappable on TV, even when asked things he has no clue about.

Clark, anti-terrorism credentials:

See "perceived electability" above.

Clark, media coverage:

The Gang of Four on the flight to Florida officially ended the honeymoon — or at least, started the beginning of the end.

The Boston Globe 's Scot Lehigh pits the general against the lessons of history. LINK

Bob Herbert in the New York Times tells everyone to calm down. LINK

Clark, buzz and momentum:

Hangs in the balance.

Clark, polling, name I.D.:


Clark, fire in the belly:

We bet it is higher than it looks.

Clark, endorsements:

Watch this space for some really interesting ones.

Clark, labor:

AFSCME delays its endorsement plans, and Gerry McEntee sees generally to like Clark. LINK

Clark, Democratic base vote:

Let's see what those Brady and Nixon and Reagan answers do.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force embraces Clark. LINK

The Washington Post correction on Clark and gays in the military. LINK

Clark, Un-Gore:

We leave it to Mark Fabiani, Kym Spell, Ron Klain, and Donnie Fowler to tell us how that's going.

Clark, party support:

Clark's off, on, off, on posture toward the DNC debate is giving Debra DeShong plenty of chances to make the wire. LINK

Last night, on the flight back from Florida to Little Rock, ABC News' Apton asked Clark about the debate.

He said sarcastically, "Oh darn — I've been drafted to go to the debate?"

This morning, press secretary Mary Jacoby, continues to say they are still not sure whether he is attending or not.

Clark, staff/consultants:

Per ABC News' Apton:

"This weekend, the Clark folks will be meeting behind closed doors for policy planning meetings."

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