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"'I'm definitely not making that call,' insisted Sundheim, the party chairman, although he admitted that one Republican candidate is better than two."

"One observer close to the campaign said Schwarzenegger's backers are convinced McClintock will stay in the race."

"'Their strategy now is to co-opt his support,' said the GOP veteran, who asked not to be named. 'There's going to be a lot of meetings and a lot of arm- twisting at the convention.'"

The AP's Tom Chorneau looks ahead to the GOP convention as well. LINK The Los Angeles Times explores McCliintock's decision to remain in the race to the end. LINK

Jeff Zeleny's crack at the less colorful and publicized replacement candidates. LINK

The recall won't resolve the serious economic crisis facing California and constitutes a serious threat to democracy, according to a group of students at a forum organized by NALEO, La Opinion, and Channel 34 (Univision). LINK

The AP looks at the immigration issue from the other side of the border: LINK

California recall, Arnold:

The Los Angeles Times wrapup of Schwarzenegger's education summit in San Jose: LINK

"After a nearly two-hour meeting with the 24-member panel, which is chaired by former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, Schwarzenegger told reporters that he wanted to reduce federal and state involvement in education and return more 'local control' to the schools."

Mr. Schwarzenegger also received an endorsement from his mother-in-law, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who was a member of the education panel.

Dion Nissenbaum of the San Jose Mercury News leads his story with Arnold's opposition to vouchers. LINK Schwarzenegger entered the "No spin zone" on O'Reilly yesterday. ABC News' Schifrin reports not much news was made during the interview, although Arnold hinted at one of his main strategies to deal with illegal immigration were he to win: convince other border-state governors to unite and actively lobby the the federal government for help.

Here's the transcript to the interview: LINK Variety reports on Schwarzenegger's efforts to woo Hollywood dollars.

"On Sunday, Schwarzenegger will appear at his first fundraiser targeted at Hollywood donors."

"The event, hosted by Jim Belushi, who got to know the candidate when they co-starred in 1988's 'Red Heat,' will take place at a private home in Santa Monica."

"A rep for Belushi described the gathering as 'a small garden party.'

The actor/gubernatorial candidate has collected $4 million thus far. LINK Mickey Kaus in Slate traveled "all the way to Beverly Hills' Museum of Television and Radio" to fill his readers in on many things Arnold, including a sham-my home improvement operation he spoke of during a 1981 Tonight Show appearance. LINK You gotta read this for yourselves, folks … including the response from the Schwarzenegger camp's Rob Stutzman.

California recall, the governor and his guests:

As soon as Bill Clinton finishes his fried steak in Iowa he will be heading West to rally the faithful against the recall.

Jim Puzzanghera of the San Jose Mercury News explores the impact. LINK "Clinton will make a long-awaited campaign appearance with the embattled Davis at the First AME Church in South-Central Los Angeles in hopes of firing up the Democratic Party's core supporters to defeat the recall and save Davis' job."

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