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The New York Times writes up the impact ethnicity, race, and immigration are having on the recall race without mention of Governor Davis' mocking Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent. LINK

Governor Davis says he was "just joking" when talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger's pronunciation of "California." LINK

USA Today takes a look at the candidates' positions (and the ramifications of those positions) on Proposition 54 including Schwarzenegger's opposition to it and Cruz Bustamante's pumping $4 million into the anti-Prop 54 effort. LINK

California recall, the rest of the field:

Over the weekend, Peter Ueberroth unveiled his first 30-second campaign ad. Campaign Manager Dan Schnur will not reveal the total cost of the buy, but tells ABC News' Schifrin that it is a "significant one." Schnur adds: "It's a buy to move numbers. I wouldn't call it saturation, but pretty close."

The ad will begin to air statewide early this week. It will run for a couple of days and then shift to a second spot — featuring Ueberroth facing the camera.

Schnur pointed out that whereas most candidates shore up their base and move outward, Ueberroth is starting "inward" (at the ideological center) and moving out in both directions as he goes along.

The Los Angeles Times' "Ad Watch" on Mr. Ueberroth's first campaign commercial. LINK

ABC 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

Just how much did the White House cooperate on that Showtime DC 9/11 film? LINK

The Jacksonville Times-Union on the president's visit to their fair city tomorrow. LINK

Bob Novak wonders whether/when the president will admit the "mistake" of steel tariffs. LINK

USA Today 's Laurence McQuillan reports on the logistics of the president's request. LINK

The economy:

Everyone should read Greg Ip's story in the Wall Street Journal , even those of you who fear heavy, trend-tracking economy stories like some of the Googling monkeys do. Ip writes, "One of the biggest remaining obstacles to U.S. economic recovery is fading as industries are finally starting to whittle down ruinous overcapacity."

Ip continues by identifying what there's been "too much" of in recent years, and why there won't be too much more of "too much."

"For the last three years, the U.S. economy has been hobbled by too much supply: too much fiber-optic bandwidth, too much vacant office space, too many empty airplane seats. That is beginning to change. Demand is picking up throughout the economy, and companies aren't increasing capacity to fill that demand. As a result, the imbalance is receding. That will help firms boost profits and resist pressures to cut prices."


The New York Times ' Neil Lewis on how some interest groups are benefiting from the rule changes at the expense of the parties. LINK

In his Washington Post op-ed today, Robert J. Samuelson decries the bad aftertaste and long shadow of BCRA on the First Amendment. LINK

Tomorrow night's debate:

Hey Fox … Thanks for hosting tomorrow night's second democratic debate. We're sure y'all are thrilled to be able to cite the Congressional Black Caucus's sponsorship as proof that your news network is fair and balanced. No conservative network would team up with liberals to produce a debate, right?

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