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5. The Times on Bush's "prescient" energy policy and the politics that undid its implementation. LINK

Please also read:

--Has anyone else noticed that the Sleepless Summer Tour includes a few fundraising jaunts? LINK

--Prosecutors say Rep. Bill Janklow ran a stop sign before his accident, the AP reports. LINK

--The latest ARG numbers from New Hampshire show a rising Dean, probably from his TV ads. LINK; an "unfazed" Jim Jordan LINK

--Senator Lieberman on investment and innovation. LINK

California recall, the Governor: John Broder and Dean Murphy of the New York Times report Governor Davis' speech "came at a critical juncture in which he is fighting a growing perception in his party that his ouster is inevitable." LINK

"As for Mr. Davis's speech, it clearly reflected the advice he has been receiving from former President Bill Clinton, who has urged him to put the recall in a larger context of aggressive Republican efforts to alter the course of elections."

"Trying to rally the Democratic base, Mr. Davis alluded to the impeachment of Mr. Clinton in 1998, the fight over the presidential election in Florida in 2000 and the Republican effort to redraw legislative districts in Texas this year."

"Even his wording echoed that of Mr. Clinton, who frequently used the phrase 'I don't give a rip.'

The Los Angeles Times paints the governor's speech as "alternately contrite and defiant." LINK

That's quite similar to how the Washington Post team of Rene Sanchez and William Booth saw the speech too. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci weighs in on Davis' speech, from Republican reaction to Clinton strategy and protests against Pete Wilson. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan writes Davis' best hope for political survival is to win back his Democratic base. However, Davis' relationship with the core Democratic constituencies complicates that goal. Despite what the governor's campaign team says, Mr. Finnegan heard a "mea culpa" last night. LINK

Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee heard no such mea culpa and was none too pleased about it. LINK

"Davis, however, skewed historical fact and fundamentally blamed others as he presented his versions of the energy and budget crises that drove his popularity to record-low levels. Clearly Davis, ever the temporizer, could not bring himself to issue the mea culpas on energy and the budget that might have satisfied voter anger."

The San Jose Mercury News' Mark Gladstone also gave Davis low marks. LINK

Robert Salladay of the San Francisco Chronicle takes his readers into Davis' writing process. LINK

ABC News' Apton Notes the background music at the Davis rally: Stevie Wonder's "Uptight (Everything's Alright)" — and that it was the second time she'd heard it played before or after Davis spoke. Insert stiff-upper-lip comment here.

Michael Janofsky wisely checked in with the Democratic Governors' Association and inquired about how much the group is willing to help Davis. LINK

"'The D.G.A.'s initial plan was investing in an effort to get voters out to oppose the recall,' Mr. Warner said. 'We plan to revisit the issue in another week or 10 days. Right now, everything is so fluid.'

The San Francisco Chronicle's Matier and Ross look at the fight for Democratic dollars to fund the anti-recall/campaign efforts. LINK

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