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Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—11:00 am: Secretary Ridge makes remarks celebrating the 213th birthday of the Coast Guard, D.C. —11:15 am Former Governor Howard Dean meets with supporters, Glenwood, Iowa —12:00 pm: Senator John Edwards speaks to the New Hampshire NEA Summer Learning Conference, Bartlett —12:00 pm: California Secretary of State and California Attorney General file response to Governor Davis lawsuit, Sacramento —1:00 pm: Senator Joe Lieberman makes remarks to Warren County Democratic activists, Indianola, Iowa —1:30 pm: Arianna Huffington holds press conference to announce whether she will run for governor in California, Los Angeles —2:00 pm: Jerry Springer holds press conference to announce whether he'll run for the U.S. Senate, Columbus, Ohio —2:45 pm: Representative Dennis Kucinich speaks Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall, Des Moines —3:00 pm: Senator John Edwards holds town hall meeting, North Conway, N.H. —3:00 pm: Senator Joe Lieberman holds roundtable discussion Iowa Manufacturing Extension Partnership leaders, Ankeny —3:05 pm: Vice President Cheney makes remarks at Bush-Cheney 2004 fundraiser in Sacramento —6:00 pm: Senator John Kerry holds a "Fresh Air Forum," Manchester, N.H. —6:30 pm: Senator John Edwards holds town hall meeting, Berlin, N.H. —7:00 pm: Meetup events for Howard Dean across the country —7:30 pm: Senator Bob Graham attends Iowa State Fair Parade, Des Moines —7:30 pm: Representative Dennis Kucinich attends Iowa State Fair Parade, Des Moines —7:30 pm: Arnold Schwarzenegger releases announcement regarding his potential gubernatorial candidacy before taping an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Los Angeles —8:00 pm: Reverend Al Sharpton participates in Senator Tom Harkin's "Hear it from the Heartland" forum, Sioux City —8:00 pm: Former Governor Howard Dean attends event, Des Moines —9:35 pm: Vice President Cheney makes remarks at Bush Cheney 2004 fundraiser in Billings, Mont. (open)

The California Secretary of State and Attorney General will file a response to Governor Davis' lawsuit at the California State Supreme Court today at 12 pm ET. Davis is suing to delay the election until March, and to put his name on the list of candidates up for election.


A friendly reminder: we are in August mini-Note mode, which means some things we normally would tell you about in great detail are simply going to get tantalizing, teasing, treatment, such as:

--Who were the big winners (and more, importantly, big losers) in the aftermath of the Lieberman campaign personnel moves announced yesterday?;

--How much does Bob Graham's serious coup of signing up fundraisers Stephanie Berger and Rachel Hirschberg take the edge off another bad day for him in the Florida papers;

--Just how incredibly screwed up was the AFL-CIO debate format — compounded by Bob Edwards' equally questionable handling of the proceedings? (You had to be in the hall to see the shock and amazement on the faces of the candidates at various times);

--How much news will Al Gore make in his New York speech tomorrow?;

--How many bigfoot political reporters will show up?

Late word from Senator Dianne Feinstein, per a statement: "After thinking a great deal about this recall, its implications for the future, and its misguided nature, I have decided that I will not place my name on the ballot."

Most important newspaper stories of the day:

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