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"'If I thought she were running, I'd be making 25 fund-raising calls and 25 political calls and I'm really not doing that,' said Feinstein political adviser Kam Kuwata. 'Although I do believe if Dianne ran, she would win.'"

The AP's Werner reports on Davis' good news in Chicago. LINK

Werner Notes: "Not all unions have taken the AFL-CIO's stance. The California Correctional Peace Officers Association, the 31,000-member prison guards union that has traditionally been one of Davis' top supporters and donors, is staying neutral for now, Executive Vice President Lance Corcoran said Tuesday."

The AP's Tom Chorneau writes, "Amid the anxious chatter of Democrats who fear Gov. Gray Davis can't win a recall election, his near-term strategy remains focused on two things: staying close to Senator Dianne Feinstein, and staying even closer to organized labor." LINK

"So far, things are going according to plan."

The New York Post 's Page Six reports that former President Clinton has become the master strategist in California Gov. Gray Davis' campaign to prevent his recall on Oct. 7. LINK Meanwhile, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, who's been very vocal in urging Feinstein to run, is calling herself the draft candidate, the Los Angeles Times' Jean O. Pasco reports. LINK

The Hill's look at breaks in Democratic ranks includes a photo of Congresswoman Sanchez and a caption that reads: "Rep. Loretta Sanchez says she's not inclined to run, for now, but some labor groups have urged her to." LINK

California recall, the GOP:

The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci reports, "While White House and national GOP officials insist they won't get involved in the California recall, a memo obtained by The Chronicle outlines a Republican strategy to oust Gov. Gray Davis and help President Bush before the 2004 presidential election." LINK

"The memo by California GOP organizer Julie Leitzell, who heads a political action committee called CommonSense Direction, says the Oct. 7 recall election presents an opportunity to target disaffected voters — particularly women."

"'We will work outside of the campaigns and outside of the party,' the memo to Republican activists says. 'None of the candidates will be attending, as we want to make sure the media are steered toward the 'common sense women against Davis' angle.'"

Marinucci writes further, "Leitzell's memo clearly suggests the imprimatur of the White House."

And … regarding that argument that the recall will cost the state even more money … there's this:

Leitzell's "memo says [Mindy Tucker,] California Republican Party spokeswoman Karen Hanretty, and Tracy Schmitt — formerly with the RNC and now with the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign — 'will be coordinating seven simultaneous media-friendly events throughout California, (and) we have been asked to call the Bay Area's attention to just how much Gray Davis will cost us if he were left in office.'"

"The memo states 'the resulting issue-oriented and image-enhancing coverage will benefit the image of the Republican Party, the recall candidates, and will benefit President Bush as we remind the public of who is to blame for the mess in this state.'"

The San Jose Mercury News' Dion Nissenbaum leads with Mindy Tucker's warning not to "read too much" into her consultations. LINK

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