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Roll Call looks at Congressman Elton Gallegly's potential candidacy, which would likely be based on an anti-illegal immigration platform. Gallegly "commissioned a statewide poll by Arthur Finkelstein & Associates that was designed to test his viability … "

"As of June 30, Gallegly had just more than $1 million in his Congressional campaign account, though it is not yet clear to him whether he could use that money to run for governor."

California recall, the field:

The Los Angeles Times' Hoffman, Rubin and Mathews report that nearly 500 Californians have taken out papers to run for governor, but only 15 have filed the required documents to do so. LINK

According to the Secretary of State's office Web site, a total of 389 people — official and unofficial — have taken out papers. LINK

USA Today 's Martin Kasindorf gives an overview of today's newsy day in the Golden State. He reports, "With Saturday's deadline to file for a spot on the ballot approaching fast, 'this reminds me of the scene in Gunfight at the O.K. Corral right before the first shot is fired,' Republican campaign consultant Dan Schnur says. 'As soon as the first one draws, there'll be bullets flying in every direction.'" LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Vincent J. Schodolski previews how the dominos may fall. LINK

The Washington Post 's Rene Sanchez rounds up the spectacle of recall madness LINK The Chronicle's Salladay, Marinucci, and Sterngold take a head count of all the wannabe governors. LINK

California recall, the courts:

The San Francisco Chronicle's Reynolds Holding reviews the court action taken so far, analyzes why California may have Floridaphobia, and profiles the seven members of the state's high court. LINK

The California Secretary of State and Attorney General will file a response to Governor Davis' lawsuit at the California State Supreme Court today at 12 pm ET. Davis is suing to delay the election until March, and to put his name on the list of candidates up for election.

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