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The controversy surrounding President Bush's decision not to release portions of the 9/11 report has lots of political implications for Graham, who co-chaired the congressional inquiry. We won't attempt to tell you what it all means. But here's a recap of the major coverage Graham has received in the last couple of days.

On Tuesday, Senator Bob Graham "called on the committee to ignore Bush's objections and push for declassification … ," the AP reports. LINK "Graham, a Democratic presidential candidate and the co-chairman of the congressional inquiry into the 9-11 attacks, said that if a majority of the committee approved the request to declassify the 28 pages, Bush would then have five days to tell the committee why he wants to keep the segment secret."

"The committee could then overrule Bush and send a resolution to the full Senate for a vote, Graham said."

On Tuesday evening, Senator Graham was featured in Kate Snow's World News Tonight piece on the 9/11 report.

Kate Snow: "Presidential candidate, Senator Bob Graham, says he doesn't buy the president's explanation today for keeping those pages secret."

Bob Graham: "I believe that the American people have a right to know who our true friends and allies are and who our enemies are in the war on terror. They won't know that until there is as full a disclosure as possible."

Senator Graham was also quoted on the CBS Evening News, saying: "I think there is an effort to protect a foreign government or governments from disclosure of their participation in the plot leading up to September the 11th."

On Wednesday, Senator Graham's reaction to President Bush's refusal to declassify were picked up in The Washington Post LINK, The Washington Times LINK, The Atlanta Journal Constitution LINK and the Associated Press LINK

The New York Times reported on the front page Wednesday that Senator Graham "refused to comment on whether (the classified material) was about Saudi Arabia." LINK But during his remarks on Tuesday evening at a DL21C reception in New York, The Note saw a less guarded Bob Graham on display. In between singing "Plant a Radish" LINK and "You've Got a Friend in Bob Graham," the Florida Democrat left little doubt as to the identity of the foreign government. He said he was "still unable to provide the name" of the "kingdom" before giving it away by saying that the "President met for two hours today with the foreign minister of that country."

In response to a question about tax policy, Graham engaged in what he called "a little name dropping" and Noted that Warren Buffet is "one of our supporters."


Questions abound for Senator Lieberman's New Hampshire campaign: (1) Will his "strong-at-home, strong-abroad" message resonate with the state's open primary voters? LINK (2) Will he do well enough in the Granite State to give his "Mr. February" strategy a chance to succeed? LINK (3) Will "Joe's Jobs Tour" connect with Average Joes? LINK All good questions. But the question we've been struggling with most here at The Note is: What is Lieberman's answer to Colin Van Ostern? LINK Well, now we know … it's Carl Van Note.

That's right. Carl Van NOTE is the new Salem foot soldier in the Live-Free-or-Die army of Copeland, Pappas and Buckley. LINK Now the question is: Does Jano have "what it takes" to brave a New England winter? LINK


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