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3. The Democratic Party has one week and two days to keep major figures off the ballot — and that struggle is going to be a daily, intense one all the way through.

For more on (1)-(3), see our recall section below. Here's a short summary of yesterday's developments:

-- Representative Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) becomes the third Democratic member of the congressional delegation to urge Senator Feinstein to run on the recall ballot.

-- Governor Davis claims he will have "virtual unanimity" among Democrats on October 7.

-- President Bush claims to be an "interested political observer" when it comes to the recall, but asserts that it is up to Californians to decide what to do.

-- No official word from Arnold Schwarzenegger or Richard Riordan. However, the actor is still leaning against a run while the former mayor is continuing to meet with advisers about putting together a campaign team.

The president has no public events scheduled for today, but he will be happy about this:

Per ABC News' Schindelheim: "The first reading on economic growth for the second quarter came in at 2.4%, around what economists had forecast. First quarter GDP was 1.4%.Defense spending contributed a lot to the increase."

Schindelheim adds: "An economist did the calculations on the GDP and wrote, ' The leap in defense spending accounted for a stunning 70% of overall GDP growth in Q2.'"

In San Francisco today, candidates Governor Dean, Congressmen Gephardt and Kucinich, and Ambassador Braun will attend the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union forum. Senators Edwards and Kerry will appear via satellite.

The honorable Bill Press presiding.

Gephardt is expected to get more labor endorsements, with the worst-kept secret in American politics (the looming Teamsters endorsement) not expected for a couple of weeks.

Governor Dean campaigns in California, with a semi-major speech on the environment.

Senator Kerry campaigns in New Hampshire.

Senator Lieberman has a full day of campaigning in New Hampshire. On Monday, Lieberman will make remarks at the National Press Club's Newsmaker Luncheon. According to a campaign release, he plans to speak "about the future of the Democratic Party and his vision of a common agenda that can help unite the party and take back the White House." Just the thing to ensure a lively AFL CIO event the next day.

Congressman Kucinich addresses the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

Reverend Sharpton is expected to join a rally in St. Louis today aiming to disrupt MetroLink's 10th anniversary celebration.

Senator Graham will lead a press conference today to discuss the proposed legislation that would implement the recommendations of the House-Senate Joint Inquiry into the events of September 11, 2001.

Senator Biden delivers what's billed as a major foreign policy address on U.S. policy in Iraq at the Brookings Institution this morning.

California Recall: The Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan and Gregg Jones present a Gray Davis who is eager to convince anyone who will listen that Dianne Feinstein is on his team. LINK "In San Francisco, Davis said one of the Democrats in Congress who have urged U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein to join the race might soon 'take their comments back.' Feinstein, the state's most popular Democrat, has said she would campaign against the Davis recall and did not intend to run."

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