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"Kerry spokeswoman Judy Reardon pulled Clark aside and admonished her for trying to show up Kerry."

"'Is this what you are trying to do? I just want to let you know we can do that, too,' Reardon snapped at one point."

"Clark tossed back, 'Those are harsh words, Judy. I hope we can have a friendly discussion in the future. It is a public event here.'"

The Boston Herald's David Guarino writes, "It was a political free-fire zone on the presidential trail yesterday as Democrats John F. Kerry and Howard Dean exchanged fighting words heard from New Hampshire to Iowa." LINK And Kelley Benander gets in on the Jordan-Lehane-Gibbs bashing of Dr. Dean.

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary:

The Kerry campaign might not be ready to pack up and move from Washington to Boston yet, but family of the Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson is making the trek in time to put the kids in New England schools.

Per one attendee, last night's going-away fete for the Glenster included the usual flacks, hacks, and men in flight suits, beer and barbeque, colleagues past and present, and groupies/admirers of Mr. Johnson.

Bold-face-named guests included Ms. Nedra Pickler; Jeff Zeleny; Doug Kiker; Deirdre Shesgreen; Mike Kranish; Stephanie Cutter; Michael Meehan; the Jordan-Jakeses; and Jim Manley and at some point, a bottle of scotch was opened.

The USA Today ed board does their best Wayne and Garth impersonation flashing back to when Governor Clinton became President Clinton. Then they write, "Fast-forward to today. A new class of Democratic contenders is taking aim at another President Bush fresh from a victorious war against Saddam. But they have missed Clinton's main message. Instead of offering bold, centrist solutions that appeal to middle-class concerns, most of the nine candidates vying for the party's nomination seem content to dust off the party's old-style religion." LINK Roger Simon has got to stop writing spot-on columns every single day … it's tiring out our poor monkeys.

"A presidential candidate is far better off putting things simply and starkly, even at the risk of over-simplifying, than to constantly try to explain the shades of gray that exist around any issue. Legislators live in a grayish world, however, and they try to avoid absolutes. (If you take an absolute position, you might alienate someone whose vote you might some day need.)" LINK

Dean gets this; it's tougher for candidates like Senator Lieberman.

Simon says that Lieberman bets that Democratic voters "[are] not as anti-war as some think … [and Lieberman] is confident that people can be won over to his positions."

But his nuance can make it tough for people to focus on what he actually thinks.

"And he may be right. If people can just figure out what his positions are."

New Hampshire:

John DiStaso of the Union Leader checks the Status of Howard Dean and the testy relationship he seems to have with some Vermont firefighters; Ed Gillespie is New Hampshire bound, while Tom Rath brags on his bonus delegates; Colin and Judy skirmishing; and the prospect of a Bush/Powell/Rice MLK trip to New Hampshire right before the primary that should have Democrats quaking. LINK

As always, skip John's column, and you might as well get out of the game.


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