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The AP reports, "John Kerry's advisers are working on a contest to build support for his presidential campaign, and they are offering a day with the Democrat as the prize." LINK "Details are still being worked out, but the contest already is being promoted at his Web site, ."

"The promotion includes a photo of the Massachusetts senator at a campaign stop, his arm around a blackened silhouette. Text over the photo reads, 'This could be YOU!'"

"Kerry spokesman Robert Gibbs said the contest will be announced in the next few days. It will focus on grass-roots organizing and small dollar fund-raising, with the winner getting the chance to accompany Kerry on the campaign trail in Iowa or New Hampshire."

The Boston Globe 's Stephanie Ebbert reports that Senator Kennedy has backed away from a proposed amendment to prevent a wind farm near Cape Cod-- and the word "Kerry" does not appear in the story. LINK "Kennedy's decision to distance himself further from the latest measure followed days of frenzied lobbying from both sides of the contentious debate. Lobbyists and national environmental groups besieged Senate offices with calls and visits. Labor unions, some of Kennedy's strongest supporters, joined the fight against the draft amendment, eyeing the 600 to 1,000 jobs that Cape Wind says it can produce."

A Tuesday article in Slate focused on how Kerry supporters want their candidate to become more like Howard Dean. LINK

"As I'm leaving the event, I run into a Kerry campaign worker. He stops me and asks me about Dean and what he's like. He says he'd really like to hear him speak, but it's not kosher for staffers to go to other candidates' events. Maybe if he goes in plain clothes, he muses. Everyone talks about what a great speaker Dean is, he says, but how does he interact with people? I tell him I was impressed."

"The more I tell him about Dean, the more crestfallen he seems to get. Without mentioning Kerry, I tell him that Dean never appears to be trying to walk out of a room. He interjects: 'That's a real problem we have, because Kerry's a senator, so he needs to be back in Washington. Dean's basically unemployed, so he can spend all day hanging out with three people.' It's only a feeling I get, but I can't help wondering if he signed up with Kerry because he thought Kerry would win, and now he's questioning his decision. As I head out to catch my plane, I think that the girl on his right appears to be consoling him."


Governor Dean may liken himself to Teddy Roosevelt today in what his campaign bills as a substantive speech on environmental policy in San Francisco today. Dean is expected to support a requirement that 20 percent of electricity usage be derived from renewable sources; promise to reverse Bush Administration environmental decisions; promote "livable communties" by working to build up urban areas and downtowns … and more.

We expect to hear a mention or two of Lake Champlain … and a certain bike path.

The AP's Sneyd has more details: LINK , as does the San Francisco Chronicle. LINK

Perhaps Erica Derr is vying for a job writing press releases for Howard Dean. (Watch out, Garrett!) This Greensboro, N.C. resident — who Dean For America says is unaffiliated with the Dean campaign — took it upon herself to issue a written statement about how she donated her $400 tax credit refund to the former Vermont governor:

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