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From the New York Post 's Hamptons Diary: "Bill Clinton has agreed to serve as honorary chairman of the 8th Annual Ellen's Run to benefit breast cancer support programs and treatment." LINK

Legislative agenda: The pharmaceutical industry has taken its gloves off and started punching hard over the prescription drug bill set to hit the House floor tomorrow, The State's Lauren Markoe reports. LINK

Norm Ornstein tries to sort out the meaning of last week's House Ways & Means "spectacle" in the forthcoming issue of Roll Call . Ornstein finds "culpability and shameless behavior" on both sides of the aisle. But he saves his fiercest diatribe for Chairman Bill Thomas. Key excerpts:

"I actually have had a good and cordial relationship with Bill Thomas … . But he has let his control of the gavel take him way over the line in the arrogance and arrogation of power. His behavior here was just plain stupid."

"To call out the police was rash and counterproductive. To misuse the gavel and declare unanimous consent when it clearly wasn't there was simply outrageous … ."

"It is time for Republican leaders to stage an intervention with Bill Thomas, in the same way friends and family confront an alcoholic. They need his talent, experience and knowledge … . But his disputes with House Democrats and Senate Republicans like Chuck Grassley and Bill Frist could easily lead to self-destruction and a larger problem for the House majority … ."

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